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A lot of lawyers are introverts--and many of the others are the exact opposite, ringing in as extreme extroverts. So I thought this piece was interesting in that respect.

If you're introverted, do you find collaboration difficult--especially when paired with some of the more... exuberant personalities in our profession?

Do the new social tools, many of which encourage collaboration, make it easier or more difficult for the introverts among us?

Personally, as a person with some introverted tendencies, online collaboration tools and the ability to work remotely is a godsend--makes collaboration much easier for me. But, what do you think?

Here's some coffee. Discuss amongst yourselves.
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I'm a little of both. I'd generally rather sit at home by myself, but I'm also generally comfortable in social settings. Although it does get exhausting being "on" all the time. At conferences, you'll eventually find me in a corner with my nose in my phone or iPad, taking a break from the onslaught.
I am with you Nicole. I have some introverted tendencies but the new tools make life better. Hangouts work great. I can schedule them with paralegals, collaborate, and then get back to work.
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