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Rock The Ridge 2016
This race was never on the schedule but first Ken then Ben contacted me to see if I would run. I’d never heard of the race until I joined MPF RNR but was really interested in a fast 50 mile ‘trail’ race. I use the inverted comma’s as it is generally a very ...

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Winter Great Range Traverse - Adirondacks
Back in February I had attempted a solo great range traverse, reversing the typical route and starting with Marcy. The lack of snow and frequent freeze/thaw cycles left the exposed rocks on the summits covered in thick ice so after a scary few hours I gave ...

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IAU World Champs 2015 - Annecy Maxi Race
  This was a late inclusion in the calendar. Obviously I was disappointed with my run but it was fantastic. The team always bond and I just loved my time with them. I discuss a few issues I have with the race and issues around it in this blog post bit don't...

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Appalachian Trail Four State Challenge FK
Distance: 43 miles Total
Ascent:   7000
feet Total
Time: 7:29:51 Average
Pace: 10:28 minute miles My wife loves
a romantic weekend away so when I offered her the chance to spend the night
camping on the banks of the Potomac River, roasting marshmallow...

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Breakneck Marathon
trail Marathon The target all winter was Boston, so 90-100
mile weeks   and key sessions and bi-weekly
long runs with one week per week 15-20 miles. All went well-ish. Come Late March I was feeling OK and
starting to knock out longer runs at a dec...

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I’d been looking for a season finale and
had picked out TNF50 as a good option. The TNF50 out in San Francisco is
probably the highest quality field in US ultra running, normally stacked 20-30
deep in quality runners. After Chicago Marathon I had a few easy...

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Chicago Marathon
Quick report on this weekend's marathon.. This was always my A race of the year, run a pr, hopefully 2:38 or so.. the Gold was sub 2:38, silver sub 2:39 bronze sub 2:39:57 (previous PR).. the second goal was run a fairly even race, which I've never managed....

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ITB issues again..
Feeling recovered after 3 ultra's in 6 weeks I started to ramp up the miles in mid June and seemed to be running well, 2 weeks of 70 miles a week, lots of sub 7 minute mile running comfortably, and then suddenly I developed a dull ache. I blamed this on wea...
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