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Audio Recording Studios In Mumbai – Learn How to Build a Recording Studio the Easy Way

With many dreams flowing in a budding artist’s mind, he sure wants to lay down his studio once in a lifetime. Its rather best to first have a professional degree, work with a well-known musician or a Music company, starting on a smaller scale performing live shows, getting the feel of overall how the working is and then set up something of your own albeit on a small scale. The Audio Recording Studios are easy to set up with the right mind-set and taking into consideration what and how much you require and how much space you have at your disposal. Here are some of the important factors before you head out to setup your own studio. This includes the Sound system you want to install, the type of Music you are going to create, right starting from a mere soundproofing to floating floors.

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Mumbai Music Institute – Getting Started In The Music Production Industry

If you are an avid music lover and drive that passion in you to create great music then you are at the right place. Given that choosing a career has become much more lucrative options today, there are lot of Music Academies In Mumbai that are steadily growing up for people hoping to build a career in music industry. People are joining music as a full time job keeping behind the old thoughts of having engineering degree or have a very promising career like government jobs or education or corporate sector. The scenario of music is changing, world over people are now open to let enter new music which will keep their audiences grooved to the music. For music, its nothing like an old book – the music is always in presence and as they call it as Old is Gold!

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Mumbai Music Institute – An Educational Haven for Sound Engineering and Music Production Courses in India

The boom in the entertainment industry has produced several career opportunities. In the Indian perspective, a well-developed regional and national film industry, the presence of innumerable record companies and audio studios, have created tremendous career prospects for the sound engineers and music production professionals. Hence, there is a huge demand for the Sound Engineering and Music Production Courses. The Mumbai Music Institute offers the best courses in this regard. Offering the most extensive course and training in sound engineering and music production, this institute gets rated as the Best Music Institute in India.

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We strengthen your study by engaging you in a practical environment - The music production courses in Mumbai are carefully designed to meet the needs of the industry with a broad range of topics of music that are international, vibrant and challenging, all within a creative environment. We strengthen your study by engaging you in a practical environment which helps you in developing your personal skills and gives you exposure to the music industry.

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Our skilled staff trains our student on a variety of styles - Along with broad range of subjects so that the students can attain knowledge on all areas of the music industry. At, Mumbai Music Institute we help you learn the principles of music technology from sound and acoustics to music composition and production. Here, you learn to produce quality music from music professionals.

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Mumbai Music Institute brings student close to Bollywood - Doing sound recording courses in Mumbai Music Institute brings student close to Bollywood. There are ample opportunities for sound and audio engineers not only in studios but also production houses of various firms. Our institute helps you to become a certified sound and audio engineer with practical knowledge of the music industry.

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Sound engineering involves - Sound engineering involves reproducing superior quality sound effects after recording, editing & mixing the captured sound through electronic and mechanical equipments. Sound engineering course creates a path for individuals who are really ardent towards sound production and want to build a career in sound and audio post production or music production.

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Sound engineering occupies an important position in today’s scenario - With an evolution of varied compressed and uncompressed digital audio file formats the recording process is bifurcated into tracking, mixing and mastering. To excel the art of sound engineering it is essential to undergo training which helps an individual to gain in-depth knowledge about the creative and technical aspects of sound process.

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Recording Equipments used by Mumbai Music Institute for audio engineering -
· Modern Recording Studio Consoles
· 8-Buss Consoles / Floating Buss
· In Line
· Patch Bay
· Input Section
· Monitor Section / Sub-Master Section
· Assignment Section
· Auxiliary Section
· Signal Path
· Talk Back / Communications
· Master Section
· Recording Techniques
· Basic Tracks / Overdubbing / Bouncing
· Playback Mode / Record Mode
· Track Assignment
· Cue / Headphones
· Recording Levels
· Post Tape Monitoring
· Mixdown / Mastering

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We use Microphones for audio engineering -
· Condenser Microphones
· Dynamic Microphones
· Electret Microphones
· Ribbon #Microphones
· #Directional Characteristics
· Polar Patterns
· Dual Diaphragm / Dual Pattern
· Measuring Polar Response
· Proximity Effect
· Impedance / DI Boxes
· Wind Noises
· Phantom Power
· Microphone Technique
· Close & Distant
· Binaural / Stereo Sonic
· X-Y / M-S / A-B Stereo Recording
· Phase Cancellation & Reinforcement
· Common Mic Techniques
· Makes Of Microphones
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