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Life Principles:

What You Give Is What You Get Back !!!

This is the simplest life principle. The more we give good things to this world, the more good things flows back to us. It is all transfer of energy. You give positive energy in this world, the world gives back this positive energy in one or other form. 

If you want GOOD, then start giving GOOD to this world !!!
If you want BEST, then start giving BEST to this world !!! 

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Life is Fun, Enjoy it.
World is Fun, Enjoy it.
Now Test Maker is also Fun, Enjoy it.
Enjoy The Fun Test Maker from

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A Must Try Free Online Test Maker -

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SpeedExam offers a powerful free version that anyone can use to make online quizzes, Open free account now :

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Story No One Should Miss

Today I am going to share a very meaningful story: Once upon a time all human beings living on Earth where super humans. They had super powers but they used it wrongly. So the great god was very upset and called for meeting with three of his close peers to take away this powers from humans.

So peer 1 suggested : Let us take away this power and hide it on the highest mountain where human can reach.

To this great God replied : Today it seems okay, but eventually these human will reach at top of highest mountain and again have these powers and then misuse it again.

So peer 2 suggested : Let us dig deep hole in earth and hide it there.

To this great god replied : At some point of time humans will find way to dig deep and again get this powers.

Now peer 3 suggested : Let's bury this power in deepest of deep sea.

Again great god replied : No no, at some point of time these humans will find a way to reach the bottom of the deepest sea and have these powers.

Great God said which is the place where no humans will search it. After very deep thinking, great god has an idea

Great God said : No mountains, no deep hole, no deep sea bury can stop these humans, but I know place where no humans can search, they will search whole world but will never think of this place.

Great God ordered: Bury this super powers deep within the hearts of humans. They will search the whole world but will never search their own hearts. They will have time for all things but will have no time to search their own hearts. So they buried these super powers in human heart.

All humans have super powers but just they don't know they have it.
Solution of every challenge we face, is within ourselves, just we need to have a moment to search deep in to ourselves and we will surely get solution.

Looking forward to your valuable comments.......

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" LOVE Thyself " meaning LOVE yourself
Loving yourself is very important for Teachers. The more they love themselves, the more HAPPY they are, and when they are more Happy then they make their surrounding even MORE HAPPIER. It is like Midas's Touch, what ever they touch turns Happy. And don't we want Happy Students, Happy School, Happy College, Happy University. In short HAPPY EDUCATION !!!

Easy yet Resourceful Online quiz maker for making Teachers Happy -

Three Cheers for all HAPPY Teachers out there......

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When You Smile At Life, Life Smile Back's At You.
Then why 95% of exam software are designed to take away the Precious SMILE away from Teachers and Students ???

Explore Online Exam Software which brings the Precious SMILE back to Teachers and Students :

Keep Smiling.......

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Simple, Pure & Easy To Use Online Exam Software :

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White is Colour Of PURITY
White is Colour of Peace
White is Colour of Friendship

That is the reason we sell WHITE Labelled Online Exam Software Solution only. We want our customers name to grow higher & higher.

Explore White Labelled Online Exam Software To Empower Your Organization, Visit Now :

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We know that Appreciation is KEY to IMPROVE PERFORMANCE. Then why don't we use it regularly to improve students performance ???

Award Certificates to students for smallest achievements/success and improve their moral and performance. Try Easy To Use Certificate Maker in to APPRECIATE & IMPROVE performance of your students.....
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