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Russell Smith
Equal parts minister and computer consultant
Equal parts minister and computer consultant


Any sort of guess when you'll have a companion app that works with Tizen 4.0 (on the Galaxy Watch)?

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Revised Grey Oversized Case watch:
Now includes a zoom function. Tap the upper left screw to zoom in and out.

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Based on the Bulgari Papillon butterfly mechanical watch. Hour is in the top window. Minutes shown in the outer two bands. Time zone 1 hours are shown by the pointer in the inner band.

I didn't do the minute hand butterfly flip animation. Maybe someone better at this than I can figure out how to have the blue pointer to the minute rotate 90 degrees as it enters and exits the minute range.

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Based on a mechanical watch with concentric circles for hours and minutes.
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Based on a mechanical watch.
Tap on the middle left to change the 3 insets from today's weather, tomorrow's, wind and humidity, and sun/moon information.
Tap on the date for agenda app.
Tap on the opposite inset for weather app.
Tap on TIME 0 to switch time zones.

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One of the interesting things that happens when you start looking for watch faces to work off of is that you start getting lots of adverts for actual watches. This one showed up in the ads and the more often I saw it, the more I wanted to make something based on it.
To be honest, the more I worked on it, the more I became convinced that this is the sort of design that Jack Kirby would have done. That rounded brace looks like it came from the brow of LockJaw :) Still, I like it.
I decided I really didn't need 4 times, but I wanted weather and astronomical information so I changed those out.
My first impulse was to try to make it look like all the parts were mechanical. When I got to the weather parts, I just couldn't find a way to do it, so the temperatures are simply there. If someone has some interesting ideas on how to do that, I'd like to see them.
So, here it is, the V5 Sport Military watch. It shows analog time, the date, sunrise, sunset, moon phase, weather for today and tomorrow, watch and phone power and charging status, and has tap functions to call up the alarm when you tap on the watch hands, the agenda when you tap on the date, and the weather app when you tap on today's weather.

Is there a way to do arithmetic on a color value (hex code)? I haven't found one yet.
Basically, the idea is to use {ucolor} as the base color of the watch interface, but to have some elements that are darker than that base color. Some would be 3/4 and others might be 1/2.
Ideally, you could just do {ucolor}/4*3 but that doesn't work.
Currently, I"m just using opacity to fake darker by using 67% opacity against a dark background.
Any ideas?

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As Bud said, "most, but not all."
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Be warned, this has the potential to become a series. Of bad jokes. With similar punchlines. Hey, we could call it #spideyFriday !

With apologies to Andrew Garfield. I liked his movie, I really did, but Kirsten Dunst wasn't in it. Yes, Emma Stone, I know, but KIRSTEN DUNST!
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for the browncoat fans among us
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