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1. She founded Sheltering Books when she was only around 15 or 16.
2. She was named one of CNN Heroes in 2010.
3. She was able to accumulate 90,000 books and donated them to 25 states in the US.
4. She was included in NBC Nightly News Making a Difference.
5. She was named Daily Points of Light Winner, Hands on America- Scholastic Books Be Big in Your Community winner, Atlanta 20 Under 20 honoree, Bank of America Local Hero,'s America Inspired finalist, and Huffington Post Greatest Person of the Day.
6. P. Diddy called her a hero in his blog.
7. She received Prudential Spirit of the Community Award.
8. She plays the harp.
9. She maintains high grades despite her illness.
10. She was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome yet she still managed to help people.

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1. He is currently the chairman of Qatar's National Food Security Programme that aims to liberate the richest country from their water and food scarcity.
2. He served in the Royal Military Academy.
3. He completed his law degree at the University of Westminster in 2005.
4. He began serving as Chairman of Qatar’s National Food Security Programme in 2008.
5. He has spoken at a TED event.
6. He serves as member of the Legislation Council of Qatar.
7. He served as the Chairman of the Higher Organizing Sub-Committee for COP18/CMP8.
8. He served as a Legal Advisor in the Office of His Highness the Heir Apparent of the State of Qatar.

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1. She collaborated with the garbage collectors and founded an informal recycling school.
2. She received the Goldman Environmental Prize in 1994.
3. She founded CID Consulting in 1995.
4. She once acted as UNESCO’s UNLD Resource Person for the Arab region.
5. In 2006, the CID received the Schwab Award for Social Entrepreneurship.
6. She once acted as Director and Lead Author of the Business Solutions for Human Development Report.
7. She now serves as Minister of State for Environment Affairs.
8. She once served as consultant to the Egyptian Minister of Environment on waste management.
9. She was a jury member to UNESCO’s International Literacy Prize.
10. He collaborated with the garbage collectors and founded an informal recycling school in 1982.

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1. He is the first to use paper as a building structure material.
2. He is the founder of Voluntary Architects' Network (VAN).
3. He built refugee homes in Rwanda and evacuation homes in Japan and China. He also helped built churches and schools to aid victims of natural disasters.
4. He is the architect behind the Musée d'art Moderne Georges in Pompidou, Metz, France.
5. He was commissioned to design a building for an expo in Germany called the Japanese Pavilion.
6. He won the 40th annual Thomas Jefferson Medal in Architecture from the University of Virginia.
7. He received l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in France.
8. He has been called "the architect of the people."
9. He was profiled by Time Magazine in their projection of 21st century innovators in the field of architecture and design.
10. He has honorary degrees from Technical University of Munich and Amherst College.

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1. He invented the Sandless Operational Sandbag (SOS) that's light and reusable at age 12.
2. The SOS won him first place in Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge in 2013.
3. He was the youngest winner in Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.
4. He received the National Kids' Science Challenge Grand Prize in 2011.
5. He began solving puzzles and Math problems at three years old.
6. He invented a golf ball warmer at age 8.
7. He also invented the retractable trainer wheels.
8. He currently has three pending patents.
9. He plays golf competitively.
10. He appeared in the Ellen DeGeneres' Show and was interviewed by TED.

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1. She underwent Female Genital Mutilation at age 13 to keep going to school rather than shaming her father by running away.
2. She made it to a US college as a scholar.
3. She gave back to her Maasai Community by establishing The Kakenya Center for Excellence.
4. The prize money she got from being Vital Voices' Global Leadership awardee was used to complete the institution.
5. She was honored as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer.
6. She was also named as one of the 2013 CNN Heroes.
7. She was named one of Newsweek’s “150 Women Who Shake the World.”
8. She was a featured speaker at TEDx Midatlantic Conference.
9. She was honored with the Global Women’s Right Award from the Feminist Majority Foundation and counted among the Women Deliver 100: The Most Inspiring People Delivering for Girls and Women.
10. She received the Sheth International Young Alumni Achievement Award and was named by Women in the World as a “Woman of Impact."
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1. He has built the first edible wall in a school.
2. He founded the Green Bronx Machine, an organization that aims to transform landscapes and mindsets.
3. He received the first standing ovation in the thirteen-year history of Green Biz.
4. He received the Chevrolet National Green Educator Award.
5. He has been named a Poptech Fellow.
6. Planting gardens in his school consistently moved attendance from 40% to 93% daily.
7. His is the greenest class in New York City.
8. He won the US EPA Award for transforming mindsets and landscapes in NYC.
9. He helped fund/create 2,200 youth jobs.
10. He was featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Fast Track, as well as on CNN, NBC, ABC, NPR, and TED.

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1.Bill Mollison’s dedication to promoting permanent agriculture (more popularly known as “permaculture”) has earned him the title “The Father of Permaculture.”
2.He is one of the leaders and pioneers in the field of sustainable and permanent agriculture.
3. His books, “Permaculture One” (co-authored with David Holmgren, based on David’s thesis) and “Permaculture Two,” have greatly contributed to the popularization of permaculture as an effective alternative to modern agricultural methods.
4. He is a recipient of the “Right Livelihood Award,” a prestigious honor often cited as an “Alternative Nobel Prize.”
5. He was named as a “Senior Australian of the Year” for his work in the field of permaculture.
6. He was a professor at the University of Tasmania for ten years and published his own study of the Tasmanian Aborigines.
7. He is one of the co-founders and directors of the Permaculture Institute.
8. He is considered one of the greatest intellectuals today, in spite of not being able to finish school when he was young.
9. Today, at the age of 84, Bill still actively participates in spreading the concept of permaculture around the world.
10. His work has inspired thousands of farmers and agriculturists around the world to adopt the system of permaculture.

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1. He is the author of three books: The Bloodless Revolution: Radical Vegetarians and the Discovery of India, The Bloodless Revolution: A Cultural History of Vegetarianism From 1600 to Modern Times, Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal.
2. He is the proponent of Feeding the 5000 initiative.
3. He is a freegan.
4. His book, Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal, won the IACP Cookbook Award for Literary Food Writing.
5. He participated in the We are fed up!-demonstrations.
6. He won the international environmental award The Sophie Prize.
7. He won the Observer Food Monthly Outstanding Contribution Award.
8. He presented a TEDx talk entitled "The Global Food Waste Scandal."
9. He won the Betha Wolferstan Rylands prize.
10. He won the Graham Storey prize.

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1. She co-founded the N/a’an ku sê (Naankuse) Lifeline Clinic with husband Rudie and two other partners.
2. She and her husband started N/a’an ku sê Foundation with the help of donors.
3. Angelina Jolie is an international patron of their sanctuary.
4. She started N/a’an ku sê's Carnivore Research Project with husband Rudie.
5. She opened Clever Cubs School with husband Rudie through the help of Clabile Trust.
6. She was featured in an ad for Volkswagen with her pet, Lucky.
7. Naankuse received the International Health Promotion Awards (awarded first place in the prestigious Community Health Awards).
8. She worked with Angelina Jolie on the film set Beyond Borders by providing them with vultures from her sanctuary.
9. She is only one of the few white people who can speak the Bushman language fluently.
10. A documentary of her life, Marlice - A Vision For Africa, was released in 2008.
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