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What's the point of having a tagline anyway?
What's the point of having a tagline anyway?

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At first glance, HTML5/CSS seems to have amazing capabilities for next gen UIs: any of the 115 or so style-able properties can be animated. Yet, in modern browsers only two properties, transform, and opacity, can be mutated at 60fps. In this talk, I explain why thats the case, and ask the question, "Should we demand better?"

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OS X Yosemite's (Beta) new spotlight compared to Alfred.

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Excellent post by an old friend of mine +Matt Ackerson from back in the day. Worth the read if you're a site owner or SEO....or pumpkin farmer.
Small Business marketers: this is one of the most effective, non-spammy SEO techniques I've found for attracting organic traffic (without spending $1 on ads)...

In this article, I give you numbers and a complete breakdown of how you can apply this in YOUR business

Enjoy and let me know what you think :)


#contentstrategy   #contentmarketing   #seo  

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Last year, one of my prized portfolio designs ( had an organic SERP worthy of a case study. After being sent into the penguin abyss in 2013 by an incompetent local SEO firm here in Grand Haven, the Google+ posts from 10 months ago still rank on page 1 - and with authorship photos. Almost comical.

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"Authorship lives on, and growing your presence on Google+ has just become huge for everyone." Eye-opening new post by Aaron Friedman:

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New Android Material Kit for Illustrator  is here.

What's new?
- More screens
- 10x smaller filesize (~24 MB, all pictures optimized)
   Google documentation had some huge .tiff photos embedded
- MDPI screen size  (export PNG at larger DPI)
- Adjusted color scheme for theming
- Updated AndroidIllustratorWorkflow.png
- Removed ROBOTO2DRAFT font
- added .zip archive for download
- added RobotoSlab


Main difference from is that the interface elements are summed up in one document (Kit) rather than scattered across multiple files. Google documentation is also about guidelines, this Kit is focused on UI elements for your design.

If you need something more specific do use Google resources.

Google documentation is by far the best resource for all design information that you need to know and should always be the starting point. Great job from Google on such detailed documentation and documentation files. 

This kit contains:
- basic interface elements and layouts from
- Some screens adapted for Material Design and some advanced elements ported from +Taylor Ling Android UI Design Kit for Photoshop 4.4 
- typography styles from official guidelines
- colors from



Leave your feedback here:
*Thanks JT for workflow tips included in 1.1 
This Kit is not in correlation with Adobe or Google. It is something I use for projects and have decided to share it with community


#android #materialdesign #adobeillustrator #UI   #Design

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Get crack'n +Alan Allard. :)
Know or love an electrical engineer? Convince them to join Google’s Little Box Challenge to develop a smaller power inverter. Shrinking these important devices could change the world... and there's $1 million on the table for whoever figures out how best to do it.

Check it out:

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Beautiful and useful.

How to cheat the Google+ custom url restrictions

If Google is forcing you to add additional text to the end of the brand name that is in your verified url (ie: gives you, simply purchase another domain for $1.99, leaving off your last letter. Be sure it’s a .com (any other TLD, and Google will include the TLD in the unchangeable part of their “custom url” schema). Change your site url to this new url and verify it.

When you then set your page’s custom url, just add the final letter of your brand name in the custom field, and voila. After setting your custom url, you can change the page’s site url back to your original domain, and trash the partial domain you purchased for this.

I can personally confirm that this works, as I just did it for a client’s website (using them as an example below, if my instructions were unclear).

Company Name: Lucky Duck Coffee
Company Domain:
Google+ Custom URL: (fml)

Fix Domain Purchased:
- I set dns, added as parked domain in cPanel, & verified in Google Webmaster Tools
- Edited Google+ page site url, changing it to this domain with the missing last character, then verified it instantly with webmaster tools

New Google+ Custom URL:
- I added “e” to the end to customize it (thankfully, Google doesn’t have a minimum character limit on the customization field)

Final Custom URL:
- Finally, I edited the site url back to the original primary domain,

NOTE: As I said earlier, ONLY use a .COM tld for this temporary “fix” url before wasting money on generic tlds (unless you really want them). Any other tld (even .CO) still get affixed to the uneditable area of the custom url…as in:
- … +Luckyduckcoffee___
- … +Luckyduckcoffee___
- … +Luckyduckclub___
- … +Acreativecollectiveco___

Hope this helps a little!

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