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I am a very loyal friend. Sometimes a little too loyal, like I have a friend that I can't talk to anymore, but I still think of her & still consider her a friend.
I am a very loyal friend. Sometimes a little too loyal, like I have a friend that I can't talk to anymore, but I still think of her & still consider her a friend.

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I was trying to crack a windows 10 password, and when I got the hashes from the SAM and SYSTEM files (like you do with Windows 7), they went to empty passwords.
I read online that the Windows 10 anniversary update changed the way the NTLM hashes were stored. I can't find any articles that show how to get the new hashes from Windows 10. Is there any way to get the correct hashes right now? Or is it still being worked on by the various tool makers?

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Join me here, it's an awesome bitcoin faucet. I love that it has been around so long and is still going. It even is adding new features, reward points and a lottery weren't there a year ago.

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This is pretty cool, I like it, I just wish I had the money to buy the hardware.

Can someone report someone else for having over $2000 in savings when they have SSI and have that person kicked off the SSI program?

My mom has SSI. And is constantly putting money into a book on the bookshelf so as to "hide" it from the Social Security Administration. I feel, that of the rule says you can't have over $2000 in savings (which i have read from their site, and she has told me she has $3000 is savings there), and she is doing just that, that means she should get in trouble. But I am not sure also where to report that. 
Plus she recently tried to get a dog. Kinda off topic, but if you have that kind of limit, and your breaking the rules already, why should she be allowed a dog? Who can I talk to about all this? Would police work? Or SSA?

See, she keeps telling me that the government shouldn't be helping people in need, but then goes and gets SSI (help from the government), the Obama phone (more help from them) and food stamps (even more help), the gas payment reduction thing if kerosene is your main source of heat (again, more help).
I want her to stop breaking the rules and, if she really thinks that, to get off those services. It's a hypocrite, and that is not morale nor is it helping the people who actually feel it helps them.

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How to Fix For the 'Failed to fetch' Chrome Error on #Ubuntu

Google announced it was to discontinue 32-bit Google Chrome for Linux in March of this year and, bang on cue, it has. The search engine has pulled 32-bit Chrome builds from its official online repo, which gets added to Ubuntu’s Software Sources when…

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I love this guys post, very good.
Why it is time for America to vote for Bernie Sanders ?

For many centuries, Man was living in the Stone Age until Agriculture revolution occurred. Then in 18th century, the Industrial revolution happened. Cities were being formed and people migrated from their farms for the first time for better livelihood. Then the information revolution kicked in the 90's.

A mistake made in agricultural era, usually had minimal impact. A mistake made during industrial revolution, hurt a larger population but it still was limited in its impact. However, a mistake in the information era, spreads like wildfire, fills television sets for hours and gets analyzed to death while every person you ever came in contact with from childhood, reads about it in Social media.

The impact is global!

America was great for several centuries and decades because when their leaders made mistakes, it usually impacted a small section of its people or small country it decided to intervene.

When George W Bush became the president in 2001, the technology was catching up fast with everyone. For the first time, money exchanged hands and people in seconds. It was so fast that the market collapsed in 2004. The dot com bust was a reaction to excess and greed. While technology made our life easy, it also eliminated jobs in a hurry. The government which believed in trickle down economics tried to jumpstart the bust by deregulating more, subsidizing more taxes for the "job creators", aka, rich Wall Street and industry leaders.

At the same time, the amount of money involved in politics reached an all time high. The zoning of America based on ethnic and racial lines was undertaken with a renewed passion. A billion dollars was spent on 2004 elections when George Bush was elected for the second term.

The systemic greed had reached its zenith as the stock market crashed in 2009. Millions were thrown out onto the streets and millions more lost their jobs. Over the next 8 years, Wall Street slowly crawled up on its feet on the tax payers bailout money.

Over the past 16yrs, technology had made it easy to live in our echo chambers and filter bubbles. A democrat or republican had a choice to friend-ing and listening to only those who agreed with his views. The minority 20% independents in this country slowly shrunk even further to influence any policy. The fears of majority and backlash on minority spread like wildfire among the general population. It is natural to retreat into your own tribe and religion when uncertainty looms large over a period of time.

The constant economic uncertainty makes one narrow minded. In abundance, you are generous but in scarcity, it's survival of the fittest and oftentimes, survival of the majority even though they aren't the most victimized. When religion begins to play an important role, combined with fear- of economic stability, losing majority, immigration, wasting resources, people become extreme in their beliefs because they truly believe they are victims of these "others".

The other cultural effect is the rise of stupidity and lack of true education. America has always been proud of its entrepreneurial spirit and free thinking. People without too much education and skills could live comfortably in the super power US industrialized age. However, in the Information Age, the mantra was optimization and elimination of waste. It also required specialized education. Computers spread like wild fire to every industry and many were left behind in this unrestricted sweep of technology.

The amount of wealth accumulated by the wealthy in the Information Age is staggering. This optimization of processes, elimination of waste, replacement of job functions by computers coincided with the economic stumbling of great US, radical shift of separation between urban and rural America enhanced by echo chambers and lack of diversified opinions.

Capitalism, for the first time in its existence, is proving to be a harmful system where it benefits the few. It is time for America to strike a balance between the haves and have-nots. It is time for America to change course by protecting its bleeding citizens by spreading the wealth through progressive taxation and asking those who have benefitted the most from it to pay it forward.

The rich people aren't evil but to ask them to sacrifice for the greater good by investing their profits in schools/free college education/universal health care is not wrong for the country. The tax loopholes, migration of jobs to foreign countries, enormous federal subsidies are truly hurting the majority of Americans.

The unfettered campaign contribution and lobbying by industries to enact laws that suit them instead of the common man, usurps democracy at its root.

Systemic changes take time. They don't happen in a day or month or year. They take several years. They take enormous collaboration from both republicans and democrats.

It is time to vote for Bernie because among all the candidates, he is the only one who is talking about income inequality and its effect on our daily lives. Among all the candidates, he is the only candidate who talks about changing the diseased system. Voting for Bernie gives the common man a chance but above all, it's a step in the right direction to bring balance in the capitalistic society by making the basic amenities part of social programs.

As we enter the robotic age, America needs to think about universal minimum wage to prevent a civil war. Voting for Bernie will begin the structural changes we need in place twenty years from now.

Does that mean the other candidates are bad and evil ? Absolutely not although some candidates rhetoric is shameful. If Bernie is not elected as President this time, we are electing folks who will not make the fundamental changes necessary to restore the balance in our society and economy. We are kicking the can down to four more years and eight and sixteen before we realize it is too late to react to our way of life. The continuation of erosion of wealth from working poor/middle has already reached its zenith.

1% of the wealthy hold more money than the 99% of the entire planet according to the latest oxfam report.

Let that statistic sink for a minute. We are already in oligarchy.

As far as the questions about what Bernie can really do if elected, I remember the same questions when Obama was running. Obama has moved the needle more than any president since Kennedy. Bernie will do the same if not more. He will move the needle to restore the balance. It won't take one term. Two terms is just scratching the surface. However, it will keep the real root cause in the public consciousness and we will elect more who will move that needle to restore safety and economic security to Americans.

The other candidates will kick the can down. It won't be the end of the world. Certainly not now. Give it twenty or thirty years and we will know it most definitely will be too late to react and instill policies without bloodshed.

Politics is a dirty game since the time of Romans. Politicians are but poli-trick-ticians who say what they need to while asking for a vote and do what they please after the fact. However, once in a while, you see an idealist. An idealist who is angry at the way system works. An idealist who is yelling and screaming without scripts but yelling at the right things that require change. An idealist who is promoting universal health care, progressive taxation, raising the minimum wage, not taking money from Super pacs, extremely serious about conflict of interest in politics and free college education to prepare the next generation.

The skeptic and cynic within us urges us to believe in the delusion of establishment candidates powered by the oligarchy and naively believing that the 1% will change their minds one day and throw some scraps to pick for the poor but this election can become a powerful movement of the people who know what the right path is for America. Winning or losing is immaterial because what's important is to recognize the path. If Bernie loses this round, we can rally around another candidate who believes this path in next election because it is the right thing to do for our future generation.

However, you have a choice now. I can only hope you rise above the cynic inside you and embrace the idealist within you to choose the path forward in an uncertain world for this great country!

I know I have chosen mine and will strive as a citizen to enable a system that will benefit the most than the few!

#berniesanders #votebernie #feelthebern #idealism #politics #AmericanRevolution

Maybe someone with more knowledge can help here
I was recently doing some scans of my windows PC, and I found port 8999 open. When I Google it all I come up with is Brodos Crypto Trade Protocol. Does anyone know what that is? Is it possible I got a virus that is not being detected?
I'm not hugely concerned at this time, but I am curious if I should be.

If there is some source out there that has more details about it I would be glad if you shared.
One last thing, I do know it may or may not be Intermediate level hacking, so if it's not, just let me know and I will kindly put it somewhere else. Thank you in advance.

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I want that plan. If I didn't have normal WiFi right now, or if I had a metered connection for my main WiFi, I would SOOOOO get this.

And if you order with this link
You can get $10 off

Does anyone know if Nethunter has been installed on the new Nexus 5x?

If so, does everything work. I want to install it on mine, but I want to know if all the features work before I do anything of unlocking the bootloader and stuff.

(Wasn't sure what category to put it in, so I chose Discussion)

I want to create a webpage that when you change setting to it, it makes a script or program run that "Hacks" something. So I want to be able to upload a .hccap file and then try to crack it using my PCs power with oclhashcat.

Is that possible? It seems like it would be a bit more advanced, but would end up being a huge help when testing security outside of the home, where you are away from the power house, you know?
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