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David Zurawik
David Zurawik is the TV and media critic for The Baltimore Sun. He writes the Z on TV blog at
David Zurawik is the TV and media critic for The Baltimore Sun. He writes the Z on TV blog at

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NBC Sports chief says company might make money on Olympics after all
Maybe the best way to cut through all the spin and counterspin on the Olympics is this: Last week, NBC was saying it would lose money on the Olympics. Yesterday, it said it might break even.

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O'Malley becomes regular figure in Sunday talk
None of the analysts are sure exactly when it happened. But they all agree that sometime in 2012, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley became a staple, if not a star, of Sunday-morning, public-affairs television. And for all the new media speaking to voters, that forum not only shapes the national debate, it also plays a major role in anointing politicians as national leaders worthy of White House consideration.

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HBO's Baltimore productions 'VEEP,' 'Game Change' get some solid Emmy notice
HBO's Baltimore productions "VEEP"  and "Game Change" got some solid Emmy notice with the comedy earning a best actress nomination for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the made-for-TV movie about the 2008 presidential election picking up best actor and actress nominations for Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson.

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With Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, it wasn't a bad night in Baltimore for celebrity watching
If you were into celebrity gazing, you could do a lot worse than Mount Vernon at 10:30 Wednesday night. Robin Wright and Kate Mara and Kevin Spacey were on the set of the $100 million Netflix series. And all three were dressed for a glittery fund-raising gala at Georgetown's Hotel Cotesworth.

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'House of Cards' moves into Mount Vernon's Peabody Institute this week
"House of Cards"  is at Mount Vernon's Peabody Institute this week where the producers are expected to film one of the biggest scenes in the first 13 episodes of the series.

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Media companies routinely play chicken in negotiations over such issues as retransmission fees and bundling, terms that mean next to nothing to their customers until one of the companies they subscribe to lets things get out of hand.
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