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Gospel Films Archive
Forgotten religious films that spread the Gospel to generations.
Forgotten religious films that spread the Gospel to generations.


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Sunday Morning Movie: THE LITTLE LIE THAT GREW (1953)
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In this episode of "This is the Life" TV series, nine-year-old Freddie Fisher tells a "white lie" that gets out of control and casts suspicion on the family handyman. While pondering his behavior and saying his prayers, Freddie decides to confess all to his loving and understanding grandfather Fisher.

Each half-hour episode of the religious series "This is the Life" revolves around attempts by the Fishers, a typical then-contemporary 1950s family, to find a Christian solution to resolve a difficult life issue. Topics often were controversial: immorality, racism, bigotry, censorship, infidelity, juvenile delinquency, war, alcohol and drug abuse, etc. While most stories are serious, light comedy is also included in the stories.

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STAR OF BETHLEHEM is a 1956 Cathedral Films release. The Nativity story is beautifully narrated from the Gospels and is told using the silhouette animation style of Lotte Reiniger. The film opens with the Holy Family traveling to Bethlehem and closes with the Wise Men bearing rich gifts while a host of angels descend from the heavens.

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"Star of Bethlehem" is included in the DVD "Christmas Collection" with 5 other rare Christmas films at

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Just in time for the holidays, here are five rare Christmas films from the 1950s. Watch preview scenes in this trailer. Available on DVD at
and (Just $14.99)

(1946) Anson Bond Production / 17m. Splendid docudrama production captures the Nativity story by a faithful and inspiring rendition of the Christmas story, from the Annunciation to the coming of the 3 kings to Bethlehem.

(1956-color) Family Films / 29m. Young Rod wants a big pony, but settles for a smaller one so his little brother can ride too. Impressed by Rod’s unselfishness, the formerly bitter owner of the ponies delivers a Christmas morning surprise to the boys.

(1950) Family Films / 30m. Beloved Uncle Henry (Clem Bevans) has an unusual "gift" for solving problems of friends and family at Christmas time. Swapping out labels of unopened packages with unknown content triggers a comic effect. Henry befriends a lonely, embittered mother who lives nearby and unites her with her estranged son, daughter-in-law and baby she has never met. Leave it to the inimitable and wise Uncle Henry to wrap up a truly heartwarming Christmas miracle.

(1953) Concordia Films / 28m. In a Fisher Family Christmas celebration, Grandpa reads the Nativity from the Bible to young Freddie Fisher and the original Christmas story is performed. Then Grandpa appeals to all television viewers to keep Christ in Christmas.

(1958-color) Family Films / 14m. A little girl helps her parents repair toys and bake cookies for others at Christmas. By showing her love to others, she is able to answer a puzzle her Sunday school teacher asked the class about God's gift of love.

Available at
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DAY OF TRIUMPH (1954) New Featurette
Until now, this distinguished Cathedral Films theatrical production has never been released on DVD. But you can buy it today at:

Included on the DVD is this 10 min introduction to the film with behind-the-scenes footage and commentary written by the Rev. James L. Friedrich, son of Cathedral Films founder and pioneer filmmaker the Rev. James K. Friedrich. In the intro, Jim explains why his father's reverent and critically-acclaimed film (Life Magazine gave it a splashy 4-page spread) has long been out of circulation.

Sample narration:
"As is the case with many Jesus films, the treatment of Judaism in the Gospel story came under scrutiny. Judas' love of money veered too close to an old stereotype .... and some felt Judas had the look of anti-Semitic caricature compared to the other disciples .... The controversy made many theater owners reluctant to book the film despite the enthusiasm of viewers and critics. Day of Triumph would only play in 20% of America's theaters before being pulled from general release."

Gospel Films Archive has launched a new website called CHRISTIAN MOVIE CLASSICS loaded with FREE Christian films and TV shows; all shown uncut and commercial-free. The site will be viewer supported by donations and DVD sales, such as our premiere DVD release of Day of Triumph. Visit now at

You can meet Jim Friedrich and read more about the Cathedral Films Preservation Project at the Gospel Films Archive website:
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CATHEDRAL FILMS Preservation Project
While production continues on the Rolf Forsberg Legacy Collection for early 2017 release, the GFA team has launched an ambitious campaign to preserve the entire historic film library of 170 Cathedral Films produced from 1939 to 1968. Included are the distinguished 12-part Life of St. Paul and The Living Christ series, two feature films long out of circulation: Day of Triumph and Queen Esther, and restored versions of The Great Commandment and I Beheld His Glory. The Rev. James L. Friedrich, son of Cathedral Films founder and pioneer Christian filmmaker Rev. James K. Friedrich, is an executive producer on this project to preserve his father’s film legacy.

Enjoy project highlights in this 6 minute presentation video.
More about the Cathedral Films Restoration Project is here:

#cathedralfilms, #dayoftriumph, #james friedrich,
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Stream dozens of GFA films free and without ads at Watch this Intro Video and share with friends.
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Stream rare, vintage Christian films free and without ads at, the new website of Gospel Films Archive. Click for more info and to watch an Intro Video about CMC.
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Stream complete film without ads at
Child actor DICKIE JONES took time out from western TV shows "Range Rider" (1951-'53) and "Buffalo Bill Jr." (1955-'56) to make "A Missionary to Walker's Garage" (1954) for the religious production company Family Films.

Dickie first appeared onscreen at age 7 in the 1934 serial Burn ‘Em Up Barnes followed by bit parts and feature kid roles in Babes in Toyland, Little Men, Stella Dallas, Young Mr. Lincoln, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Destry Rides Again, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and many more. At age 13, Dickie shifted into teen roles boosted by his star turn as the voice of Disney’s Pinocchio (1940). 

Following a stint in the Army and now billed as “Dick” Jones, he played teenage cowboys in late-1940s Gene Autry features. When Gene shifted to TV, Autry’s Flying A Productions hired Dick for the role of sidekick in 76 episodes of the TV series "The Range Rider" (1951-'53). Jones then went on to headline 42 episodes of his own TV series "Buffalo Bill Jr." (1955-'56).

Missing from Dick Jones’ filmography and Wikipedia history are 2 films he made for the little known Christian film studio called Family Films. In "This My Son" (1954/color/30m) the grown up Jones stars in a modern day interpretation of the parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15. Good acting and production values enhance this fine film made for the Southern Baptist Convention. (Gospel Films Archive has the only known color version.) In "Missionary to Walker’s Garage" (1954/28m) Dick wants to be an automotive engineer and a Christian businessman, although his parents want him to join the clergy. An inspired and literate script brings to life the "all things work together" message of Roman's 8:28.

Gospel Films Archive's goal is to find, restore and reissue as many of these rare and lost religious films as possible. You can personally help this mission by sharing our link to

FILM COLLECTORS -- Do you have any of these "church films" that spread the Gospel in the mid-20th century in 16mm film format? If so, please contact us.


"This My Son" and "Missionary to Walker's Garage" are 2 of the 4 films in the GFA "Family Films" collection. You can read more and obtain this DVD at:

#childstar #adultchildstar #christianfilms #gospelfilms #religiousmovies #prodigalson
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Many color films we acquire for Gospel Films Archive require some level of restoration due to colors in the print having faded or turned pink or red. In most cases, the color is actually still there embedded within the print. This is where the art of film restoration comes into play. 

We are privileged to have all of GFA's film restorations performed by the expert team at Film and Video Transfers, Inc. (formerly The Transfer Station) utilizing enhanced Rank Cintel and Wet Gate film technology. Doug and Susan Horst have been serving the restoration needs of Hollywood's classic film industry since the dawn of home video. 

Film restoration can be costly, so at our website we invite the public (or an organization) to ADOPT-A-FILM in need of restoration. Then when the film is released to DVD or shown on TV, their name will be included on a special slate shown following the film that acknowledges their sponsorship.

Please visit our ADOPT-A-FILM page on our GFA website to learn more about how you can help get these and many more lost and rare Christian films back into circulation. 

Here is a remarkable example of Doug's color correction on a "red" print in the Archive: "Man on a Skate Board." 

#christianfilms #christianmovies #gospelfilms #biblemovies #christianmedia #biblestories 
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AMAZING DEVELOPMENTS at Gospel Films Archive! 
Over the past 90 days GFA has made enormous strides to restore and reissue the rare Christian films in the Archive:

* Our first 5 DVD collections are smartly packaged and available now!
* They are thematically arranged into Missions Collection, Family Films, Cathedral Films, Christopher Films and Loyola Films.
* Vision Video, a major worldwide distributor of Christian films and video, will exclusively market these and future GFA productions.
* We have partnered with a highly esteemed film restoration expert to rejuvenate needy films in the collection. 
* A crowd-funding campaign to restore and reissue 30 rare Christian films is about to kick into high gear.
* Gospel Films Archive has a new website with an online store for DVD releases:

We encourage all to visit our new website to screen many of the films in the archive:

Please share our Google+ and website links with any friends or family who might be interested.

#christianfilms #christianmovies #gospelfilms #biblemovies #christianmedia #biblestories  
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