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Rob Riley
Guitar player and general tinkerer.
Guitar player and general tinkerer.

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Does anyone know a nice way (a module really) to validate an Entity Form in D7 without page reload? Ideally just by highlighting required fields. I'm in the final quarter of a looooooonnnng project and I don't want to have to write any more custom functionality :(

Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone help me with a small rules/lists/loops/variables/tokens issue?

Can anyone recommend a simple responsive theme for Drupal 6? The simpler the better with minimal configuration. "Why Drupal 6" I hear you ask - because it's part of an existing multi-site setup where 1) They are used to administering D6 and 2) we're trying to keep core updates/maintenance costs to a minimum..

Hello Drupallers..

I'm working with a client on a D6 site where they basically require multiple instances of the same site on the same host with minor variations.. It seems sensible to go the multi-site route and use the same core, modules etc but I've never done it before. I've got no problem setting it up but just wondered if anyone had any unexpected issues with this before?

Cheers :)

My last post from a different location - Ok my 1st Google+ post. I work (self-employed) in IT (Macs, Networks, Servers, Web, Drupal and much more) and I'm a musician (guitar/bass) and occasional guitar teacher. I loves blues guitar but lots more besides. I have an almost 1 yr old son. If anyone 'nearby' finds any of that vaguely interesting, give me a shout/comment/follow :)
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