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"Culture of denial": Alberta's workers' compensation review
In early July, the government released the final report of Alberta’s Workers’ Compensation Review Panel. The central message of the review is that the Alberta WCB has drifted away from doing right by workers. For example, the panel notes: …the WCB can be ov...

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Wine and jam
We've had a busy few days trying to keep on top of the garden with the raspberry season in full swing. We have made a couple of batches of jam, one of which I over cooked and turned into toffee. We also racked off the strawberry wine and have set it aside t...

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Labour & Pop Culture: Electronic Plantation
This week’s installment of Labour & Pop Culture is “Electronic Plantation” by Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine.  This song examines how employers have made employment precarious through various strategies, such as off-shoring jobs, free tr...

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Farm fatality highlights gaps in Alberta's new Employment Standard Code
Power take-off (PTO) from a tractor. Alberta’s Bill 17 amended the Employment Standard Code. These amendments including extending certain employment rights to farm workers . One of the gaps in Bill 17’s coverage of farm workers is that there continue to be ...

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Berries for jam. Plus garlic scape pesto
We had a pretty week of making stuff. We started off with garlic scape pesto. The scapes were just ready for harvesting this week and I sent Jess out to get them. We then cleaned, chopped, and blended with some oil, nuts, parmesan cheese and salt. This year...

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Labour & Pop Culture: My Hometown
This week’s installment of Labour & Pop Culture is “My Hometown” by Bruce Springsteen. It is a song inspired by Springsteen’s life in Freehold Borough, New Jersey which was marked by racial strife. Where the song starts to hit on labour is the third verse: ...

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Research: Media representations of Chinese labour mobility
I recently ran across a book chapter
entitled “ Media representations of investment and labour in Alberta’s resourceeconomy ” by Cassiano, Dorow and Schmidt. This chapter examines how two
different discourses about Chinese transnational mobility related to ...

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Tomatoes, scapes, and Saskatoons
Jess and I took a short trip to Calgary this week, leaving Jennifer in charge of watering during a gruelling hot spell. We came back to find everything in intact, including the start of what looks like a great tomato harvest. My plan this afternoon is to ha...

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Labour & Pop Culture: Tragic
This week’s installment of Labour & Pop Culture features the novel “ Tragic ” by Robert Tanenbaum. Tannenbaum is a former prosecutor turned crime/court writer and Tragic is the 25th book in a series featuring an ever-prepared New York prosecutor putting awa...

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Monetizing occupational cancer in Canada
Earlier this year, a study examining the economic cost of occupational cancer in Canada was released. “ Costs of productivity loss due to occupational cancer in Canada: estimation using claims data from Workers’ Compensation Boards ” found that the average ...
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