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Finance Broking :

A finance broker is an agent who must act in your best interest by negotiating a loan on your behalf that will suit your needs. If you already have a loan we can refinance your loan to get you a better deal.

The process begins by assessing your financial needs and objectives, then conduct a thorough research to get the most suitable and best deal that will match those needs and objectives.

You may think that you are not qualified to obtain a loan, and this is where Elegance Accounting will play its role by correcting this misbelief. As a licensed broker, with our knowledge and skills, we’ll prepare your situation and discover the missing bit that will make you a successful candidate. If successful, a broker’s fee is paid to us by the credit provider or lender not you.

Once your application is approved, we’ll be in touch with you all the way until settlement and even after settlement. If you have any issue or problem with your loan in the future, Elegance Accounting will always take the responsibility to take care of solving them. This is why we get paid a commission.

If you have an existing loan we can also help you with refinancing by getting you a better deal that will save you money. The lending market is very competitive and you will be surprised to know that the market has many opportunities in which you can get a better deal you have never thought of.


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EMDG (Export Grant):

The export market development grants scheme is a key Australian Government initiatives aims to encourage small and medium sized businesses to develop export markets. The scheme provides up to eight grants to each eligible applicant and reimburses up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses above $5,000 provided that the total expenses are at least $15,000.

Elegance Accounting can help you in preparing the application, which can be a daunting task and relieve you from the headache. Fees are only charged for successful applications.


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Self Managed Super Fund:

SMSF is heavily regulated investment and breaching its rules may have severe penalties. It requires dedication and good management in order to achieve the return one would hope to. You must also understand your responsibilities, which can be administration burden.

Elegance Accounting can advise you on every aspect of the SMSF and can take over the accounting process, which requires compliance and auditing.

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Accounting and Taxation :

Elegance Accounting can help you in all accounting and taxation tasks including automation of routine and boring lengthy tasks. We can help you with:

Business set up
Budgeting and Cash Flow forecasting
Financial reporting
Tax return (all types)

Accounting and taxation are not just numbers. It is much more; it involves analysis, compliance, problem solving, tax planning and tax advice.

Elegance accounting will explain your financial results. We’ll also show you how to record your transactions effectively and even teach you how to use your accounting software if you are using one. We’ll explain the tax laws that relate to your situation and we’ll do our best to minimise your tax liability with respect to the law.

Unlike others accounting firms, no matters how big we become in the future we’ll always treat you the same and care about your needs, attend to your queries and problems, and provide you with the best services at the most affordable fees.


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Our Objectives :

Serve the needs of individuals and small businesses with compliance to the law.

Provide professional services, stress free at affordable fees.

Advice and guide small businesses to manage their own

superannuation contributions through self-managed super funds.

Help home buyers and small businesses in financing their needs.

Support exporters to obtain government grants.


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