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Little Woman Home for Animals
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Mike was putting together the rabbit pen and caught Queen Callie inspecting it. This Queen inspects anything that is new at LWHA cat studio. Callie is sponsored by Tina K Brown — at Little Woman Home for Animals
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Visiting with Chance. He was dumped on Park Rd. 40 in July 2012. Chance loves attention. He would love a sponsor. Just $25 a month or $300 for a year.  — at Little Woman Home for Animals.
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Love him
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Jack sees Carlos bringing hay and carrots. Jack is sponsored by Ellie Parish.
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Bunny enjoying the warm weather. She came from the feral colony I feed in town. Trapped 6-4-13 and is about 13 months old. This beauty is sponsored by Donna Lusthoff. — at Little Woman Home for Animals.
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Ow"s how sweet, she"s a a pretty cat,
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Look innosent,, oh how could this happen.. Where is their heart .. 
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Do not know what Ginger is doing! Maybe she is planning to join a circus. Fuzzy Buzz doesn't seem to be concerned about Ginger and her balancing act. Both cats live at LWHA office and are sponsored by Tina K Brown. — at Little Woman Home for Animals.
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Kitty snuggling at LWHA cat studio. Maybeline (calico in front), Pretty ( calico in back), Einstein and Coony ( tabby). Einstein is sponsored by Tina K. Brown. — at Little Woman Home for Animals.
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LWHA has chickens...the ladies!
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I like the way you greet them.
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April enjoying the outside area at LWHA cat studio. April is an older dog that came back to live at LWHA because her people didn't want an older dog. Sigh! April would like to have a sponsor.... — at Little Woman Home for Animals.
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And that's what they told you we don't want an older dog that's just pitiful
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Contact Information
Contact info
66 Evelyn Lane Huntsville TX 77340
Non-proft no-kill animal sanctuary
Little Woman Home for Animals, a no-kill, non profit, animal sanctuary in Huntsville, Texas, founded in 1999.

LWHA is committed to providing lifetime care to abandoned and unwanted animals.  We provide foster care while actively seeking adoptive homes for healthy animals and endeavor to meet the medical needs of animals who are ill or aged.  We do not practice euthanasia.  We advocate the sterilization of dogs and cats and the humane treatment of all animals. 

"I have nothing to fear and here my story ends. My troubles are all over and I am at home." Anna Sewell

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We are not a government funded organization, and small donations make up the majority of our budget. Whether it's $5, $10, $25 or more, every penny helps us to provide for the animals in our care. We receive notes accompanied by small donations from everyday people expressing the fact that they wish they could give more if only they could afford it. Those contributions mean the most to us. And they go directly to the neglected, unwanted, homeless, and injured companion animals and wildlife in our care.