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James Pembroke
Helping schools make sense of their data
Helping schools make sense of their data

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Defence against peverse incentives
I recently attended the JUSCO (junior school collaboration) conference in Birmingham organised by Chris McDonald (@chrismcd53). It was a great day packed with interesting talks and heated debate; and if you had to use one word to sum up the feelings in the ...

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The Data Burden
In implementing a new approach to assessment and tracking we must first weigh up our desire for data against any impact on workload. Sometimes those seemingly mimor tweaks can produce a butterfly effect, placing huge demands on teachers' time that are most ...

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Blueprint for a tracking system
In almost every meeting I have in schools someone will at some point say one of the following: "Our tracking system isn't really working out for us anymore" or "Our tracking system doesn't do what we need it to do" or "It's just levels really, isn't it?" An...

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10 things I hate about data
I seem to spend a lot of time ranting these days. Recently I've been trying to rein it in a bit, be less preachy. It's counter productive to wind people up - need to get them on side - the problem is there are just so many opportunities to get annoyed these...

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Example report on primary school performance
This is an anonymised version of a summary report I've just written for a primary school. They kindly allowed me to post it on my blog (with school name removed, obviously). It's not been properly edited yet but hopefully it'll give you some ideas if you ar...

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A clear and present danger: the problem with writing VA
Back in February I wrote this  post, speculating on the potential issues of the proposed writing progress measure. That measure is now a reality and the issues predicted in the blog post have taken root. I don't have a problem with VA measures per se - alth...

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The progress loophole of despair
Is it possible that there are certain situations where a school would benefit more from a pupil actually scoring less on a test? Having spent probably too much time playing with the KS2 pupil ready reckoner tool (click here and click 'how Ofsted and DfE ana...

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VA Calculator and Floor Standards Calculator: links for downloading both tools
Warning: this blog post contains no opinions or rants whatsoever. I recently shared my VA calculator and floor standard tool on Twitter and thought it'd be useful to put the links into a blog so people can find them easily. PLEASE NOTE: the tools are stored...

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Update on primary floor standards and progress measures
To coincide with the performance tables checking exercise, the DfE have released an updated Primary Accountability guidance document  and additional note on the new progress measures . These documents contain useful information on how progress measures are ...
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