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Porsche Panamera Fan Page
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We can't stop staring at this Amethyst Metallic Porsche Panamera Turbo, and we hope you feel the same way, because here is another image of it. 
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Nice vehicle. What is the price of a vehicle like that? 
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South Africa, KWA Zulu Natal
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Hamann SLR Mercedes Benz. Panamera Turbo, SL65 Mercedes Benz Black Series, Nissan Patrol and BMW X6 Tycoon
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my dream cars are panamera , ferrari 458 spyder and 911 gt3 rs
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We just delivered this stunning Porsche Panamera GTS yesterday to one of our very loyal customers. He was incredibly excited to finally get to drive it home...and who could blame him!
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I'm still not plugged into the design of the Panamera.
Automotive News reports Porsche is hard at work on a plug-in hybrid version of its Panamera. According to unnamed sources, the vehicle is likely to begin
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Recently in Moscow, we celebrated the Porsche Festival 2013 - Born on the racetrack, devoted to the 50th anniversary of the iconic 911 and our return to Le Mans in 2014. Full day of pure motorsport experience with racing legends, test-drives and the Porsche Grand Prix race - to show where we belong.
*Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5:
911 models 12.4 - 8.2 l/100km, CO2 emission 289 -194 g/km
Cayman models 8.8-7.7 l/100km, CO2 emission: 206-180 g/km
Panamera models 10.7-6.3 l/100 km; CO2-emission: 249-166 g/km
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Porsche Panamera Key
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j adore la cle 
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You have probably seen a black Porsche with black wheels before, but what about a white on white Porsche Panamera?
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I love Panamera
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For Fans Of the Porsche Panamera
For Fans of the Porsche Panamera Models

current models

Porsche Panamera
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Porsche Panamera (970)ManufacturerPorsche AGProductionApril 2009–presentAssemblyLeipzigGermanyClassFull size luxury carBody style5-door liftback,[1][2][3] Gran Turismo[4]LayoutFront engine,
rear-wheel drive or
four-wheel driveEngine250 PS V6 (Diesel)
300 PS V6 (Panamera/Panamera 4)
380 PS V8 (Panamera S Hybrid)
400 PS V8 (Panamera S/Panamera 4S)
500 PS V8 (Panamera Turbo)
550 PS V8 (Panamera Turbo S)Transmission6-speed manual
7-speed ZF PDK dual clutch
8-speed Aisin Tiptronic SLength4,970 mm (195.7 in)Width1,931 mm (76.0 in)Height1,418 mm (55.8 in)Kerb weight1,870 kg (4,123 lb)

The Porsche Panamera (Type number 970) is a four-door a coupe.[3][5][6] It is front-engined with rear-wheel drive, with four-wheel drive versions also available.

The Porsche Panamera production model was unveiled at the 13th Auto Shanghai International Automobile Show in Shanghai, China, on April 2009.[7] In 2011, hybrid and diesel versions were launched.

[edit]Concept and description
Porsche Panamera in front of the newPorsche Museum

The Panamera's name is derived, like the Porsche Carrera line, from the Carrera Panamericana race. Earlier prototypes and concepts of the four-door saloons, such as the 1991 Porsche 989 prototype, the four-door 911 based prototype, and the C88 superminisedan concept for China, never went into production.[citation needed]

The Panamera is generally considered to be the long-awaited fruit of Porsche's 989concept from the late 1980s; some argue that it also presents itself as a successor to the two-door 928, but there may be plans to develop a new 928 as well.[8]

The Porsche Panamera is marketed as a more exciting and higher performing alternative to the traditional executive saloons such as the BMW 7 Series, the Audi A8, and theMercedes-Benz S-Class. However, Porsche is not the only auto manufacturer to design a four-door super-car.[citation needed] The Panamera competes more directly with cars like the Aston Martin Rapide, the Maserati Quattroporte, the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, and the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.[9][10]

Like the Porsche Cayenne SUV (which has become the marque's best-selling vehicle), the Panamera upset many Porsche purists, since it was seen as an attempt to broaden Porsche's appeal beyond that of hardcore fans. The Panamera ran contrary to the company's signature offerings, particularly its light two-door rear-engine sports cars like the 911. The Panamera on the other hand is considered a full-size luxury car, weighing at nearly 4,000 pounds (1,800 kg), with four doors, and its V8 engine mounted in the front. The Panamera's appearance with its long hood and rear hatch bears little resemblance to a stretched 911, although it does resemble the 911 from certain angles.[11] The iconic 911 has a sparse interior, as it was focused on raw performance, while the Panamera has a sumptuous interior loaded with modern technological amenity and expensive leather upholstery.[9] [12]


Engines are first assembled in Stuttgart, and the car's body is built and painted at the Porsche Group facility in Hannover. The final assembly of the vehicle takes place in LeipzigGermany, alongside the Cayenne.[13]

Production began in April 2009, one month after its debut in the Shanghai Motor Show in China.[14]

Porsche has applied for patents on a four-door convertible version of the Panamera that keep the same general dimensions.[15]


The V8-powered Panamera S, 4S, and Turbo models were the first versions that debuted in 2009. In addition to the 4.8L Twin Turbo 500hp V8, Porsche launched two further models in 2010: the Panamera and Panamera 4 which are both powered by 3.6-litre V6 engines producing 300 horsepower. The Panamera, S, Hybrid and Diesel are rear-wheel drive, while the Panamera 4 and 4S have the same four-wheel drive system as the Turbo and Turbo S.

Being derived from the V8 engine of the Panamera S and Panamera 4S, the V6 retains the V8's technologies like Direct Fuel Injection, infinitely variable intake camshaft adjustment with variable valve lift (VarioCam Plus), an on-demand oil pump, water cooling with thermal management, a variable intake manifold, as well as integrated dry sump lubrication with two-stage extraction of oil and, and an Auto Start-Stop function (only with the PDK transmission).[16] US models include an engine start/stop system, and the Turbo version uses active aerodynamics with a multi-stage, adjustable rear spoiler.[17]

In 2011, the Panamera S Hybrid,[18] Diesel[19] and Turbo S[20] variants were added to the range.

[edit]Enginescar modeldisplacement &
configurationmax. motive power @ rpmmax. torque @ rpmPanamera,
Panamera 43.6 litre V6300 PS (221 kW; 296 bhp) @ 6,200400 N·m (295 ft·lbf) @ 3,750-4,250Panamera Diesel3.0 litre V6250 PS (184 kW; 247 bhp) @ 3,800550 N·m (406 ft·lbf) @ 1,750-2,750Panamera S,
Panamera 4S4.8 litre V8400 PS (294 kW; 395 bhp) @ 6,500500 N·m (369 ft·lbf) @ 3,500-5,000Panamera S Hybrid3.0 litre V6380 PS (279 kW; 375 bhp) @ 5,500580 N·m (428 ft·lbf) @ 3,000-5,250Panamera Turbo4.8 litre V8 twin turbo500 PS (368 kW; 493 bhp)700 N·m (516 ft·lbf) @ 2,250-4,500Panamera Turbo S4.8 litre V8 twin turbo550 PS (405 kW; 542 bhp) @ 6,000750 N·m (553 ft·lbf) @ 2,250-4,500[edit]Transmissions

The new 7-speed ZF Friedrichshafen PDK dual clutch transmission is standard on the Panamera 4, 4S and Turbo models.[21][22] With the addition of the optional sport chrono package, this provides faster acceleration times. In some markets a 6-speed manual is available for rear-wheel drive petrol versions. The S Hybrid and Diesel models come only with an Aisin-supplied 8-speed automatic transmission called Tiptronic S.