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Andy Rennich
Works at Twin Oaks Resort
Attended McKinley Elementary School
Lived in Minot, ND
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Andy Rennich

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i luv nilall
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Andy Rennich

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Never use Q-Tips.
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What! Always use Q-Tips. Use Q-Tips 3 times everyday.
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Andy Rennich

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I would like to pick everyone's brain for female dog names.

Just as a warning, I will most likely turn all of them down as I am a grouchy old man.

Any suggestions?
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Aretha. Which can be shortened to 'Retha' when you're mad at her. Example: 'Retha! Get your bitch ass back here.'
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Andy Rennich

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April 1st!
Fred and Mareth Kipp North Prairie Wisconsin - Moraine Dairy Farm. Home · About Airedales · About Us · Some Of Our Airedales · Photo Gallery · PHOTOS - Airedale Babies · Puppy Questionnaire · About Da...
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Just showed Princess. She went teets up over the news.
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Andy Rennich

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I really hope they are planning a litter for this spring.
Strongbow Airedales, family dogs for show and field. Breeder, Sandi Cooley in Grafton, WI.
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Andy Rennich

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New job!

I think I'm going to buy one of those ATV's with the tracks instead of tires. 
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Andy Rennich

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To anyone listening,

Atom's Rite is backing up Rick Watson at Beardstock today. Unrehearsed. I could almost guarantee something interesting will happen.


If you are free at 4:30, jump over to Ann Nicole Nelson Hall and listen
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Andy Rennich

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I have not ordered an Ibrik yet, but I plan to. The espresso pot is excellent. It wakes me up right away!
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Andy Rennich

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It's all about sticky notes.
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Andy Rennich

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Less than a week!
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Svetlana! I think she'll like her new home just fine.
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Andy Rennich

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Someone buy me this.
The Benchmade Presidio automatic knife series utilizes the Auto-AXIS lock system, which makes the knife easier and faster to open and close. It is automatic, just pull the AXIS lock down and the blade...
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I'm at my best with a guitar in hand. Lately I have grown fond of collecting and burning interesting pieces of wood, especially stumps and roots. I hope to be a decent pedal steel guitar picker someday. 
Bragging rights
I live in a cabin on a lake.
  • McKinley Elementary School
    Life, 1993 - 1999
  • Ramstad Middle School
    Life, 1999 - 2002
  • Central Campus
    Life, 2002 - 2005
  • Magic City Campus
    Life, 2005 - 2007
  • Minot State University
    Music Performance, 2007 - 2009
Basic Information
Swiss Army Knife
  • Twin Oaks Resort
    Assistant General Manager, 2011 - present
  • 10 North Main
    Server/Bartender/Prep Cook, 2008 - 2011
  • Otis & James Photography
    Beloved High Value Employee, 2007 - 2008
  • Rainbow Photo Labs
    Trained Photofinisher!, 2005 - 2007
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Minot, ND - Bottineau, ND
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