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Mohawk Condensed Milk Company
In the mid-1980’s we
received a call from John D. Hamilton, president, of the Gebbie Foundation in
Jamestown, New York.    The foundation was
preparing to mark its 25 th anniversary and Mr. Hamilton was looking
for background information on the Gebbie Famil...

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A Gift
We have an individual,   I won’t give their name because I don’t have permission,
who has over the years donated dozens of books on CDs.   Most recently they brought in 47 new titles!!   I might add this person is not a library
patron but they are indeed a ...

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A Great Day in Libraryland
A busy day here in Libraryland.  It started early with the distinctive, ear-catching purr of two coal black Corvettes pulling up out front.  It seems their Schoharie county owners had service appointments in Nelliston but the power was still out.  They kill...

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A Good Read!
Joyfully, there are still
days of excitement in Libraryland even after 38 years!   A patron came by today to stock up, she is an
avid reader.     A few weeks ago I had
recommended a book to her, Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith.   I had not seen her si...

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Community Pride
When I came out of the bank this morning and looked up and down the street how fantastic it was not to see a proliferation of weeds growing out of the sidewalks! Instead, what I saw was a neat and tidy quiet stretch of sidewalk; a welcome sight not only for...

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What is Up With the Numbers!?!?!?!?!?
You may notice as you wonder the stacks that some of our books are numbered. There are many contemporary authors who write series of books repeating the same, central character. A good example is James Patterson and his Alex Cross character. Since the re...

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End of School
Today I had two absolutely wonderful experiences at a couple of local schools. This morning I was pleased to be invited to a special morning program at DH Robbins Elementary School. My three co-guards and I were recognized for our service in playing a rol...

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Photos Wanted
Speaking of graduation……In the St. Johnsville Room of our museum, we are missing in our collection of school group photos senior class graduation pictures from the following years: 1943, 1948, 1949, 1950,1951, 1953, 1954,1955,1956, 1957,1958, 1963, 1966, an...

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It is here!
Our beautiful wooden quilt block has been installed. Drive by and check it out. It is lovely!

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OESJ Wolf Pack Nation
We had a howling good time here in Libraryland today when 63 members of the OESJ Wolf Pack Nation stopped by for a visit. The students were accompanied by their teachers; Mrs. Eakin, Mrs. Blanc, Mrs. Pedrick, Mrs. Snell and several assistants.
Like a carav...
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