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Do not miss our Sunday night Fetish event on Sunday February 5, which will feature +RAEZOR Latex! Meet the designer & find out more about orders & custom fittings. 8pm-singles & couples welcome.
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"In our slightly serious, slightly silly list of the nation's Queerest Cities, the presence of a lesbian bar was one of the considerations. We knew that LGBT spaces were disappearing from Miami to Missoula, but we were shocked at how few cities still have bars or clubs that cater specifically to women who love women (really, L.A.?). With that in mind, we pulled together this nondefinitive list of lesbian bars that are still alive and kicking ass."
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Join us on Saturday, August 6th at 3pm for "SWTO2106: Enough! C'est assez!" We'll meet in front of the 519 Community Centre at Church & Wellesley, at 3pm. From there we’ll be marching north up Yonge to Bloor, along Bloor to University, and down University to Queen’s Park, and we’ll hang out at Queen’s Park and listen to community speakers from 4-5pm. The speakers' list will be announced closer to the date.

And if you can, please please contribute to our funding page and/or share it widely, so that we can pay for accessibilty & speaker honoraria (we are a little group of cash-strapped volunteers) to make this event happen?


There will be a scent-free section at the front of the march, and at the front of the gathering at Queen’s Park. Please help us prioritise accessibility and inclusion: We ask that participants at the head of the march, and those closest to the speakers, refrain from wearing scents and from smoking, so that chemically sensitive people can attend safely. If you need to smoke, or are wearing scent, please move further back.

The closest wheelchair-accessible subway station to our start point is Bloor-Yonge. The closest accessible station to our end point and speakers' rally is Queen's Park.

ASL and LSQ interpretation is planned. We will update this space once interpreters have been confirmed.

Active listeners (counsellors) will be available if you get triggered or upset or just need someone to talk to. They'll be spread throughout the crowd and wearing blue bandanas. Just flag them down and ask to talk.

Wheelchair Accessible Washrooms:

There are wheelchair-accessible and gender-neutral washrooms at the 519, our starting point.

There is an accessible washroom at Queen's Park, although access to it is at the discretion of the Queen’s Park constable on duty.

There are a few businesses and public buildings that have accessible washrooms near Queen's Park. The closest (about 5 minutes’ walk) are Mt. Sinai Hospital (University, South of College) and Tim Horton’s (at University & Gerrard). Additional places can be found here:

Please note the above information is based on user reviews, so there is a slight chance of error.

Five years ago a group of survivors and allies began SlutWalk in Toronto because we'd had enough. We were tired of being oppressed by all forms of sexual violence, and infuriated at being blamed for sexual assault and rape with slut-shaming and victim-blaming. We were tired of being judged for our sexuality and feeling unsafe as a result. And in 2016, we're still here, along with hundreds of cities around the world.

This year we are coming together once again to continue the fight against slut shaming, victim blaming, sexual violence, and inequality. We occupy this time and space to recognise that rape culture is deeply embedded in our society, and takes many forms, including:

• Pervasive violence against sex workers, from police, some clients, and society, with many people refusing to acknowledge that sexual assault can happen to folks who sell sex, and denying us the right to exercise consent;

• Indifference and silence in most parts of our country about the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women, and the very high rates of violence perpetrated, largely with impunity, against us;

• Brokenness of our ’justice system’ which is not designed to help survivors (or to successfully rehabilitate perpetrators), and is especially hard on those of us who are multiply marginalised, with police and judges disbelieving and slut-shaming survivors, and championing the humanity of the perpetrators (especially if they are race- and/or class-privileged) at our expense;

• Lack of options for most survivors to participate in community-based/transformative justice;

• Very high rates of sexual violence against disabled folks, especially female and feminine ones, and the concurrent de-sexualisation of us, which further buries and denies the scope and seriousness of the problem;

• The dehumanisation of trans people (including non-binary folks), BIPOC, immigrants, folks living in poverty, queers (especially bi/pan women), folks in the prison system -- which results in us experiencing high rates of violence, and yet seeing that violence consistently minimised and dismissed in the wider culture.

For these and many other reasons, we will gather, march, and support each other on August 6th. We will make our voices loud, and draw strength for our lives and ongoing activism from our solidarity with each other.

We do not ask that participants want to reclaim slut or any other slurs that have been used against them, nor do we require any particular dress code. We ask only that you come to support an end to victim-blaming and rape culture. Regardless of the victim’s ability, age, attire, gender, housing situation, immigration status, income, intoxication, job, race, or relationship with the abuser, the only person ever responsible for sexual violence is the perpetrator.

If you'd like to volunteer and help out with SWTO2016, we’d love to have you! Please message us on facebook or email


FOR MORE INFO on what SWTO2016 is, please check out our:
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This Friday night, start your weekend off with special guest DJ Jrotica, who will be playing a sexy blend of old school RnB, hip hop and dance hits from the 90’s. Shake off your week and move your body (and booty!) to some sexy sounds that will inspire bumping and grinding on the dance floor -as well as in our playrooms.

At 10:30pm, check out a lap dance demonstration on the main floor by Lady Shayne. She will be offering to instruct on sexy moves to women & couples who want to practice, play & learn some skills.

Oasis Aqualounge will be open from 11:00am-3:00am. Enjoy our facilities, such as the outdoor heated pool, hot tub, dry sauna and beautiful playrooms. Arrive for some sun and sex and enjoy a laid back spa atmosphere. Your wristband will allow in and out privileges so you can return for one of our festive themed events. Women and couples only, please.

Planning a group visit? Oasis Aqualounge provides a group rate for multiple couples who want to attend the club. Must arrive and pay together. Please email for more details.

Women-$20, couples-$95.
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Test out your vocal chords tonight at Oasis Aqaulounge for our Naked Karaoke Party at 11:00pm. Women and couples welcome! Oasis Aqualounge will be open from 11:00 am-3:00 am. Single women $20, couples -$80. Bring a second woman with a couple for free! Must arrive and pay together.

Student prices are available with proof of ID: women-$5, couples-$25 (male must have ID to qualify for the discount). Women/couples only please.

Single men 35 and under may visit Oasis Aqualounge on Mondays for Sass After Class. Single men 35 and over may visit Oasis Aqualounge on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
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Miss F’s Flirty & 40 Birthday Bash! Celebrate the big 4-0 with Fatima-Marketing Director/ Event Producer for Oasis Aqualounge

We are excited to welcome members of Polyamory Toronto as special guests of the event. Are you Interested in exploring your sexual boundaries/relationships? Meet members of the community and enjoy discussions with like-minded individuals.

Special guest: DJ Recklezz and a special live performance by Miss Butter.

Enjoy play, dancing, cake and cuddles in our clothing optional environment-make a sexy splash in our outdoor heated pool!

Please note: single cis men are not permitted on the 3rd floor, without a play partner (s)-any gender permitted.

Oasis Aqualounge will be open from 11am-3am. Flirty and Forty begins at 8:00pm.

Men/couples-$60. Women, trans and non-binary folks: free
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Post has attachment Oasis Aqualounge sponsored the 'Sex With Dr. Zen' show, featuring Tantra instructor Mary Anne Marlow. Check out the interview with myself and owner Jana Rodriguez. It was taped in our very own Oasis dungeon!
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To better understand our etiquette/ rules of Oasis Aqualounge, we created a video version of our waiver.
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Check out the Flash Mob Make Out done by Oasis Aqualounge & some sexy volunteers during TIFF 2014! 
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Want to see the inside of Oasis Aqualounge and get a virtual tour by one of our sexy promo models? Check out the link and visit us in the flesh! ;)
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