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I was watching Star Wars with my sister, and every time Luke and Leia kissed we'd be like "OOOHHHHH!! DON'T DO IT!!!!" Really awkward. ZING. 

That really depressing moment when it's pouring rain and none of it is snow...

I try to be a responsible dog owner and take Lucy on a walk, and what happens? It starts DOWNPOURING . I. Am. Drenched. 

sigh school tomorrow. :/

I told my sister it wasn't the sun, it was the TARDIS exploding. :) #drwho #nerdhumor

Big sun today!

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MoTab Christmas concert w/ ALFIE BOE!!!!!!!!! , and Tom Brokaw!!!! Woohoo!

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Ha. Ha. Ha. 

I just watched Star Wars for the first time. It was brilliant!
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