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The Dark Side of the Closet - Episode 2
A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts about the various items in my wardrobe that never get worn. Today we return to the forgotten corners of my closet to retrieve two more dresses that didn't work out. ( You can see my fir...

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A Holiday is as Good as a Change
I'm lucky enough to be going on a trip to the Gold Coast in less than 2 weeks There's a big cluster of family birthdays mashed into a couple of weeks, so its a big birthday holiday. We were sitting down chatting about it the other day and loads of reasons w...

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The Dark Side of the Closet
I'm an avid online shopper. A vast majority of my wardrobe was purchased online, and I can't see myself ever relying on actual in-person shopping for most of my purchases. Online shopping has some great advantages like access to a huge range, competitive pr...

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Doctor Dresses!!!
I don't exactly make a secret of my Doctor Who obsession, similarly I'm pretty out and proud with my love of a fit and flare dress. So when I got an email from the Doctor Who store showing me a fit and flare Doctor Who dress, I was pretty freaking excited. ...

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Box of Goodies!
A few weeks ago I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from Cotton On Group , they have several different retail stores which each focus on a different part of their range, but if you order online, everything gets sent together, which is an awesome way to save a ...

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The other day I shared a new blog that I'd found with a friend. I had just discovered it the day prior and added the blog to those that I follow, and that blogger then followed me in return which is super nice. I was sharing this news with my friend because...

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Time Flies
Where has the week gone??? Seriously, I can't believe its Thursday already. I've been keeping busy organising the house and a few other activities that seem to have made the week just disappear on me! Yesterday I went on a tour of the CDU library as well as...

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Sunday Spotlight: Polka-dots
I'm crazy about polka-dots. I love them. Every colour and every size, I want them all! I have many polka-dot items from dresses and hair bows to underwear and pencil tins. It may actually be considered some sort of unhealthy addiction. So it seemed only nat...

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Too Tired for Titles!
I feel exhausted today! It's 6:30 pm and I'm feeling quite ready for bed. I honestly can't wait until I can go to sleep. I've spent the past week (almost) unpacking, shifting and organising a whole big pile of my junk that has finally been sent up from NSW....

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ALIA National Conference Rant
If any of you were reading my blog back in October of last year, you would have seen my post  about the ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association) Top End Symposium, which I had the absolute pleasure of attending. Having had such an amazing time ...
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