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Got featured in this post. There are a few interesting responses from other bloggers as well.

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A really nice guest post from someone who's taking action. Long tail keywords are not saturated and he's doubled his traffic in the last 2 weeks!

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Learn how to monetize each WEBSITE visitor without them clicking on your banners! Easy way to grow your earnings without doing much.

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A great tool to increase the reach or monetize your Facebook Fan Pages. 

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How does rankings affect your earnings? Here's a test I checked with 3 articles of my own.

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Latest article on my blog! All about CPA marketing and monetization methods.

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Again. New week, new post. I'm "forcing" myself to write 1-2 posts per week, so this week I might be able to finally write 2!

This is my case study on how I sell Teespring shirts with Facebook fan pages or Facebook Ads. Also a preview of some of my list building techniques on steroids.

I'm ranking a website about T Shirts to sell them with Sunfrog/Amazon too. So this is still related to niche sites and monetization 
If you want to sell shirts exclusively, Amazon is not really an option . You will earn around $1 per shirt sold. With teespring/sunfrog, you'll earn at least $6-10 per shirt.

As usual, leave your comments or questions below :)

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Hey guys. What's up? Another week, another post. 

Here's my Churn and Burn experiment: I built 40k backlinks with GSA and ranked 1st for 3 keywords with over 30k searches per month. 

I even passed the original brand's page and wikipedia.

Every detail is explained inside :)  from keyword research to google dance and rankings.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hey guys. I really wanted to write this one since last year, but Facebook moved a lot of things between December 2013-April 2014. So it had to wait.

Now here it is. Updated and fully functional. This is how i earned $100-300 with Facebook + Adsense last year, and i know of many people still doing a lot more than me (up to $100,000 per month).

This is an strategy that can help you either building a niche website or just a viral news websites while you wait for google to crawl your website/links and rank. 

Caution: Paid traffic can be very exciting and addictive because you see instant results. Don't say I didn't warn you :)

Let me know if you have any comments below.

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For any of you who want to join the niche challenge and don't know where to start, there's always a niche for you.

If there's not... you can use a niche you like and sell T Shirts.

Here are my Teespring earnings for the last 30 days. More than $500 selling T Shirts. And they pay the day after you end your campaign. 

Is anyone using Teespring?
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