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High heels
Hey all, I feel so slack, because I haven't posted in weeks and weeks- who am I kidding, I haven't posted in months. I've been overtaken by this slacking, awful apathy and have been sinking in a quagmire of ennui; such like 'why should I xyz', despite te fa...

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Cleo Lucille bikini
It’s coming up to summer now in Sydney, with some lovely hot
days interspersed with ugly winter weather, and then bush-fires in the
mountains, and then the heat, and then storms and rain. Typical. I have an
aversion to clothing that I would not be able to r...

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When Bra turns Evil
The Panache sport has always been my favourite. Pretty, no. It has always been too chunky and high cut, with thick, thick straps. But oh the shape! Projection that made me look like Scarlett Johansson, and roundness and perky... The band was oh so firm, and...

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No Posts and Driving
I know I haven't posted anything for near on two weeks. I really have almost nothing to write about. I am devoid of ideas. Its like I've fallen into a big black hole of apathy. I know I promised a part two of the Australian lingerie market, and it will come...

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Made in Preston
The brand Made In Preston now has purchasable 26 band bras, from DD-J. The company also makes wired bralettes, bikinis, tops and dresses,...

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Charlotte Bra and High Waisted Briefs
Despite receiving my Tutti Rouge sets only a month ago ( ), I had since ...
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