Pouvoir et responsabilité.

Le graphique illustre absolument le propos de Condoleezza Rice dans un essai (inattendu) de l'ancien ministre britannique de la défense Liam Fox, Rising Tides (http://goo.gl/sXJf3b)

"The world doesn’t feel very multipolar to me at all. Only the US, the Brits, the Australians and occasionally the French have any notion of global responsibility. The Chinese have none – it is a totally mercantilist foreign policy. India could have a major impact, but they are too focused on their regional issues. Russia is now mainly a blocking power. Show me another power that is willing to shoulder the responsibility that comes with real global leadership."

Et c'est vrai pas seulement dans le domaine militaire, mais aussi pour l'environnement ou l'économie.
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