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H. Timi
Jól csak a szívével lát az ember. Ami igazán lényeges, az a szemnek láthatatlan.
Jól csak a szívével lát az ember. Ami igazán lényeges, az a szemnek láthatatlan.

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SzJG kiárusítás! :)
Sziasztok!  Mivel mostanában rengeteg minden felhalmozódott a szobámban úgy döntöttem megválok néhány cuccomtól, ebbe beleértve pár SzJG-s dolgot is.  Először is   - két darab I heart hangulatjel Cortez póló, egy Muha  ha ha póló  - SzJG nyaklánc  - SzJG-s,...

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Sziasztok! A divat blogom elköltözött, mostantól ezen a címen vagyok elérhető! Kérlek kövessetek! ☻

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HEY I create a new blog, but the posts have moved with the blog, so they did not lost! (I'm so proud)  Please click on the picture, and enjoy the new BLOG!  Sziasztok! Az oldal elköltözött, és sikeresen átimportáltam a bejegyzéseket, (nagyon büszke vagyok) ...

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Non, je ne regrette rien
Hey This week is so calm, and great. Today we bought a cup of soup, and I accidentally spilled the women next to me. She was so angry. :( But the soup was nice, I liked it. (The woman did not) My weekend was really great, we went to Mohács, and in the eveni...

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Follow you :)
I´ve just found your blog and I find it quite interesting and cool!
would you check my fashion VIDEOBLOG, maybe we could follow each other?
if so, just leave me a comment to let me know you followed me and I´ll do the same!

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I follow u :) 
This is a Dream come true // Disneyland♡
This is a childhood dream come true! I'm at Disneyland - incredible♡ I'm totally crazy about theme parks, roller coasters and all those trimmings, but here I am speechless because of astonishment. Everything is so perfectly detailed, the backdrop is a dream...

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1 plus 1 equals Gwiyomi
Hey I was ill last at the week, but now I'm return. So, this is my...  how can I
say... cute post for March. :D You see my pink trousers with my floral shirt...
my cute necklace and I couldn't miss this earring. :D When I wear earring I
always choos a simpl...

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What's wrong with your soul?
Hi I mentioned before that I love my italian lessons. Today I got two A for my tests, so I'm really happy now. :D To tell the truth I think this outfit is good. I like it. The weather getting nicer and nicer so my cloakroom is getting colorful. This floral ...

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