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Real Time Marketing with Social Media
Real Time Marketing with Social Media
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Trying out the new Chrome & Firefox extension Gooce+ - post to Facebook;Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ simultaneously - Social Media domination!!

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For explanations on all the latest Facebook changes check out Mari Smith's excellent webinar
I lead a webinar on all the Facebook changes with 1000 participants!! We maxed out the room... some folks couldn't get on, some got booted out by the system. :( (No surprise really, 'cuz we had over 5,000 registrations). BUT, all in all, it was a raving success and the replay is available now and emailed out to everyone!! See

Now, I gotta share, I'm always seeking the Holy Grail of webinar platforms!! I was super excited to see that Google+ Hangouts upgraded last week to be "on air" where anyone on G+ can watch. And, we can now do desktop sharing via Hangouts. BUT, I was a tad nervous utilizing a G+ Hangout for such a large and important webinar like the one I lead today. I'd love to know how stable the Hangout desktop sharing feature is with webcam too at 1,000+ peeps!! (Besides, how ironic to use a Google tool to teach about Facebook, yes?!) ;)

I used Adobe Connect Pro for a couple years and they were decent. Then earlier this year, I switched to - they're good and have great customer service. Webcam, desktop sharing, chat, once-click record, hosted replay and lots more cool features. I pay ~$200/mo for a 200 person room and upgraded today to a 1,000 person room.... but, alas, I had to forego the desktop sharing. Their max is about 300 attendees for desktop sharing... so, I spent hours putting together my 65-slide deck instead!

Back in February, I lead a webinar with over 2,000 live attendees (7,500 registrations!) -- I decided to try SlideShare's Zipcast and it rocked. Definitely would use it again and recommend it... not for desktop sharing though, just narrating slides on webcam. Login via Facebook or SlideShare. No recording though.

I also had a private demo of today (thanks +Chris Van Dusen!), and am verrrrry impressed, though they couldn't handle my volume just yet. Check 'em out: totally FREE for up to 50 attendees. Desktop sharing, webcam, chat, one-click recording and hosted playback. Excellent solution for many small businesses!

Plus, I'm on the board at - a webinar platform that is also a Facebook app. No desktop sharing though. But, they are a many-to-many service (anyone can jump on webcam and speak to the group), and it's a nifty way to have a large "hangout" (up to 500) even though only one person at a time can be on webcam. $8/mo.

So, my wishlist for the ideal webinar platform includes:

*Webcam for presenter with option of webcam for additional presenters
*Desktop sharing
*Pre-loaded slides
*Chat - ability to turn on/off on the fly
*Q&A mode
*Password lock
*One-click recording
*Hosted replays
*Downloadable replay files (for attendees too)
*Attendee and replay viewer reports
*Brandability ;)

I don't need built in paywall as I have my own ecommerce system, but it's certainly a nifty feature. InstantPresenter offer this.

I know my buddy +Michael Stelzner is using Cisco's Webex for the Facebook Success Summit starting next week and it's an uber stable and powerful platform. Lots of cool features; I'm looking forward to presenting on the platform -- the demo was great. (Join us

Got any other webinar platform recommendations?!! :)
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