"Lost Girl" in Fate
So Netflix just got me hooked on the TV show "Lost Girl," which is basically "Canada Does Changeling." It's entertaining, not too emo, and more interesting in the trivia of Celtic mythology than I expected. So I thought I'd stat up the main characters in Fate Core. No extras here, just stunts - some may be a tad overpowered, but overall I am happy with the builds.

(As few spoilers as possible.)

Our protagonist spent ten years killing her lover by accident before she discovered the Fae, and her identity as a succubus. Choosing to join neither Light nor Dark Fae, she becomes a lynchpin in the war between them.

High Concept: Succubus Private Eye
Trouble: Neither Light Nor Dark
An Orphan's Legacy
Her Looks Are a Weapon (And So Are Her Weapons)
A Creature of Conscience

+4 Rapport
+3 Fighting, Athletics
+2 Physique, Will, Contacts
+1 Investigation, Empathy, Intimidation, Drive

Kiss of the Succubus: By touching a human or Fae, Bo can use Rapport to make mental attacks and create advantages. She can kill a human in this way.

Sexual Healing: When Bo uses Kiss of the Succubus and inflicts stresses or consequences, she can spend a fate point to remove an equal number of stresses or consequences from herself. 

Power of Love: Immediately after using Kiss of the Succubus, Bo gains +2 on Athletics or Fighting rolls.

Refresh: 1 

Teen runaway and platonic spunky sidekick, Kenzi latched on to Bo and shares her crack-den of an apartment. Despite her runaway status, she has an array of Russian contacts and relatives. As a human, her only status among Fae is as Bo's "property."

High Concept: Runaway Girl Con-artist
Trouble: Human Child Among Fae
Mad Street Skills
Bo and I Are Partners
Way Too Curious

+4 Burglary
+3 Deceit, Contacts
+2 Stealth, Athletics, Investigation
+1 Empathy, Notice, Fighting, Rapport 

Girl of 1000 WIgs: When she knows what she's getting into, Kenzi gets a +2 to create a disguise with Deceit.

Mommy and Daddy Are Fighting: Kenzi gets +2 to Empathy rolls to uncover Aspects having to do with relationships of the people around her - as long as they don't involve her.

Refresh: 2

Bearded romantic interest Dyson is a Fae working as a cop; a lot of his job is upholding the laws of the Fae and keeping their existence from humanity. He falls for Bo pretty quickly, which gets him into endless trouble. Hundreds of years old, he knows more than he says.

High Concept: Light Fae Wolf-shifter Cop
Trouble: Torn Between Duty and Loyalty
Like a Rock
Temper, Temper
A Wealth of Experience

+4 Fighting
+3 Physique, Notice
+2 Athletics, Will, Investigation
+1 Lore, Shooting, Contacts, Intimidate

Wolf Out: When Dyson becomes a wolf, partially or totally, he gains +2 to Athletics and Fighting. He won't do this where humans can see.

I Can Take It: Dyson is especially resilient. When he takes a major or sever consequence from a Fae power, he can clear it out as though it were one level lower. This stunt keeps him alive when Bo uses him as a battery.

Refresh: 2

Hale Santiago

Dyson's smooth-talking partner isn't a complicated character. His interaction with Kenzi - sidekick to sidekick - is vastly entertaining, however, and he's extremely competent when needed. He has a background that comes out in Season 2.

High Concept: Light Fae Siren Cop
Trouble: Always The Wingman, Never The Man
Somebody's Got To Clean Up This Mess
Mr. Smooth
Authority In Reserve

+4 Shooting
+3 Rapport, Investigation
+2 Empathy, Contacts, Intimidation
+1 Fighting, Notice, Physique, Empathy

Siren Song: Hale can use his Shooting skill to affect people with a simple whistle, treating it as though it were a weapon.

Lure of the Siren: Hale can inflict mental rather than physical stresses with his song; consequences include calming or incapacitating his opponents. Technically he can cure hangovers with it, but that's probably just an invoke.

Refresh: 2

Lauren Lewis

Backup romantic interest Lauren is the physician to the Light Fae court, and is the personal property of The Ash, leader of the Light Fae. She has a lab and some authority at her disposal, but beneath her reserve she's a tragic and constrained figure.

High Concept: Human Doctor to the Light Fae
Trouble: Property of The Ash
The Science is Fascinating…
"Doctor Hot Pants"
Not Without Influence

+4 Lore
+3 Contacts, Resources
+2 Empathy, Rapport, Will
+1 Craft, Deceit, Stealth, Notice
Doctor: Lauren can use Lore to make recovery actions for her patients

CSI Tech: Lauren can use Lore instead of Investigation to expose aspects on a crime scene, provided they relate to medicine or pathology


There's no way to write up Trick, the pub owner, without a million spoilers, so I won't bother - he's basically a plot device most of the time anyway. By and large, most Fae powers come down to invokes of a character's High Concept - for example, Dyson's wolfish sense of smell.

I like how easy it is to write these folks up in #Fatecore  ; no special rules required. If I wanted to get more complicated, I would write up some specific  compels and invokes for the Light and Dark Fae, or for the campaign as a whole: Humans Are Food, for example, or Millenia-Long Cold War. You could easily go into more depth with the Dresden Files supernatural stunts, but it's a lightweight show - that sort of detail isn't required. 

-- Edit: new addition...
Once he's down and out, everybody seems to forget Vex is a murderer and he becomes the snide comic relief character. Vex can apparently control anyone as long as his hands are free, but he can be surprised. 
High Concept: Dark Mesmer Club Owner
Trouble: Usually On Somebody's Leash
That's Right, Dance For Me!
Vex Comes First
With No Power Comes Some Personality

+4 Will
+3 Contacts, Resources
+2 Deceit, Empathy, Intimidation
+1 Notice, Stealth, Fighting, Lore
Mesmerism: By invoking his Mesmer High Concept, Vex can control another character's body - not words or thoughts - for a scene. This is treated like a compel against the victim: that is, she can accept (and gain a fate point) or refuse (and pay one). He can't inflict stresses in this way.

Stop Punching Yourself: By controlling his victims, Vex can cause them to hurt themselves or others around them. Vex can use Will instead of Fighting to Attack or Defend; opponents can defend with Will. 

Refresh: 2
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