Farscape In Fate Core
OK, by (solicited) request I present: the cast of Farscape, around the beginning of season 2. I'm not including any antagonists, mostly because I don't care about them enough.

Also, notice how nobody on the show is particularly good at Crafts? They really need a mechanic.

John Crichton
High Concept: Lost Hoo-man Astronaut
Trouble: Hunted 
Good Ol' Human Know-how
Natural Leader
I Only Look Like A Peacekeeper

+4 Will
+3 Drive (well, Pilot), Fighting
+2 Rapport, Athletics, Shooting
+1 Crafts, Deceit, Empathy, Physique

The Principle's The Same: When dealing with alien technology that can even remotely be compared to Earth tech, Crichton gets +2 to repair or jury-rig attempts (generally creating an advantage).

Sexy Alien: Despite being the only human on this side of the galaxy, Crichton is remarkably attractive to alien women, and gets +2 on Rapport rolls when dealing with them.

notes: Crichton's High Concept can be compelled or invoked to involve the Ancients toying with him or the wormhole in some fashion. He can invoke Natural Leadership for his friends pretty much any time they follow his lead. His "mental issues" at the beginning of season 2 are probably just a severe consequence, "Harvey." 

Refresh: 2

Aeryn Sun
High Concept: Contaminated Sebacean On The Run
Trouble: Seriously Conflicted
Peacekeeper Training
Locked in Crichton's Orbit
Child of Passion

+4 Shooting
+3 Fighting, Athletics
+2 Physique, Intimidation, Crafts
+1 Will, Pilot, Stealth, Investigation

I Was One of Them: Use Fighting instead of Empathy to create mental advantages when dealing with Peacekeepers or related military personnel.

Merciless: Provided her first action is to shoot somebody, Aeryn can use Shooting instead of Notice when rolling initiative.

notes: Aeryn's High Concept can be compelled any time her Sebacean physiology gets her in trouble, like if the temperature goes up. Her various motive-related aspects should earn her fate points constantly until the moment she resolves to act, and spends them all at once.

Refresh: 2

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
High Concept: Delvian Priestess in Exile
Trouble: Sharing The Occasional Spiritual Crisis
Politics Is In My Past
Walking The Path of the Spirit
Moral Compass

+4 Empathy
+3 Lore, Rapport
+2 Will, Investigation, Notice
+1 Contacts, Deceit, Intimidation, Physique

Empath: Zhaan can use Empathy in mental conflicts to create advantages, or even attack.

Physician: +2 to all medical rolls using Lore

Empathic Healer: Zhaan can automatically reduce a patient's consequence by one level, but she takes a minor consequence herself in return.

notes: Many of Zhaan's mystical abilities constitute invokes - or possibly compels - of her High Concept. This often spills over on her friends. For a psychic powerhouse, she is realtively weak-willed, however.

Refresh: 1

Dominar Rygel XVI
High Concept: Rightful Dominar of the Hynerians!
Trouble: Self-Centered Cowardly Little Slug
Deceptively Deceptive
Experienced Survivor
That's Mine!

+4 Deceit
+3 Contacts, Rapport
+2 Resources, Empathy, Burglary
+1 Stealth, Notice, Will, Lore

Hoverthrone: Rygel's chair essentially grants him Athletics 2 for the purpose of Movement and Defense - but only while he's in it.

Small: Rygel gets +2 on Stealth rolls when he has a chance to use his size to his advantage.

Not Forgotten: Dignitaries of various worlds recognize Rygel's title and stature, granting him +2 to create advantages or overcome obstacles with Rapport rolls when dealing with the elite.

notes: Rygel is basically the face of the group, confident and worldly enough to negotiate with anyone. His aspect That's Mine can be invoked to have any odd gadget or trinket that he's acquired - or compelled if he's caught with it.

Refresh: 1

Ka D'Argo
High Concept: Falsely Accused Luxan Warrior
Trouble: Luxan Hyper-Rage… Also, The Regular Kind
My Qualta Blade
My Son…
Calm Shepherds The Certainty Of Death

+4 Fighting
+3 Physique, Athletics
+2 Will, Shooting, Intimidation
+1 Rapport, Notice, Stealth, Crafts

Taste My Tongue!: D'Argo has a venomous, extendible tongue that qualifies as a Weapon: 2. Anyone who takes a consequence from it may choose to concede the conflict and fall unconscious.

Unchained!: D'Argo gets +2 to any Physique roll to break chains or restraints.

notes: D'Argo's sword, which is also a gun, presumably has a weapon rating of 2 or 3, if used. His willingness to go down swinging rather than work through things is a compellable weakness…

Refresh: 2

High Concept: Moya's Replacement Pilot
Trouble: Moya And I Are One
Guilt And Pain
Above The Storm
Martyr Of The Day

+4 Notice
+3 Lore, Empathy
+2 Rapport, Will, Investigation
+1 Crafts, Contacts, Intimidation, Physique

Eyes Everywhere: Pilot can control various systems within Moya, including drones, using Notice to create advantages or overcome obstacles.

Regenerates: Pilot can take a lot of suffering and recover. If he chooses, when taking a consequence he can split major and sever consequences into two smaller consequences - turning a major consequence into two minor consequences, for example. 

notes: arguably, Pilot's peak skill should be, well, Pilot. I'm ruling here that Moya does the actual steering; Pilot merely navigates and advises, which more closely matches his role on the show. Since he is attached to Moya, he starts to run out of relevant skills at the +! level …

Refresh: 2

High Concept: Nebari Rebel Girl
Trouble: Freedom Above All
Slippery As A Thief
Strangely Attracted
Life On The Space Streets

+4 Athletics
+3 Stealth, Fighting
+2 Will, Burglary, Deceit
+1 Contacts, Crafts, Shooting, Notice

Can't Catch Me:  Chiana ignores any +2 obstacles to Athletics created as advantages by other characters.

notes: Chiana's hard to pin down, physically and emotionally; she gets herself into trouble by doing foolish things, and has the skills (and fate points) to get out of them.

Refresh: 3
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