Splitting Actions in Fate Core
aka "Supplemental Actions Live On!"

So I was reading my new rulebook and saw the example on page 207, where Zird uses a single attack against three opponents. It's a very legit and reasonable rule (ruling?) - he simply splits the shifts from his success between his targets, and each rolls to defend separately. The logic is simple: a shift is a shift is a shift. It's one of the lesser advertised features of Fate. 

So it occur to me that this opens the door to all kinds if multiple actions with almost no additional rulage. Here's how it works. 

If you want to do two things at once, you can. Roll using a relevant skill. Then, split up your shifts across your multiple actions. There is only one restriction: for only one of those actions can you spend more shifts than you have skill ranks in a relevant skill. 

It sounds picky, but it's not. Say you want to leap over a pit and attack an orc on the other side. It has already been determined that the pit has a difficulty of 3. As long as you have an Athletics of 3 or higher, you can roll Fight. Say you get 5 shifts - you spend 3 getting across the pit, and  the last 2 on an Attack against the orc.

Basically, we're treating the pit as another opponent. And why not? The only reason for the skill cap on shifts spent is to keep (for example) a high Fight skill from granting you a high Athletics, as well. Think of all the useful  applications! 

"There's an aura of fear radiating from his crown! If you have a Resolve of 2, you can still attack, but you have to spend 2 shifts of your attack to do so!"

"OK, you pop off a shot before ducking back into the brush. You can spend up to 4 shifts on the shot, but that would leave you with only 1 on your Stealth... they might spot you..."

"The zombies plow through the barricade! It burns off 3 shifts, so defend against 1 shift, they can barely reach you..."

I think I've just talked myself into adopting a new house rule. It seems like it could speed up play, with less time stalled at obstacles. Anybody see any problems with it?
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