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Jill P. Mosely “Reyna'h Jahe'” Jill P-Mosely
Worked at North High School/The Rib Cage BBQ/ Burger King & Arby Resturants
Attended John White Elem/North- East High Schools
Lives in Mobile, ALA
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Feelin' great.
Good Sunday Morning
To My Facebook Family/Friends/and
I feel more rested and recovered from the block party on July"4th".
Took a break from everyone for some me time on "Friday", "Saturday" and "Today, Sunday/7th./July" to take some much needed rest.....oooooohhhh I call it "MRM/ my rest moment/ or just plain R & R. "£O£"......
Jahe' Rod.....
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Jill had a quietly peaceful 4th. Of July as do I wish for you also. Didn't really do too much. I skipped out on the East Side Family Reunion 2013. Sorry Guys. I just spent the day with My Grand Son and My Neighbors. The fireworks lit our skies so beautifully and displayed. Hopefully your 4th. was quietly safe, also.
£ove Jill/aka/Reyna'h Jahe' Rodrigiez

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Hello Margaret, Gina and Facebook Family
Friends and Acquain
Happy 4th. Of July.
If it's God's Will, please have a Safe
Be Careful if You Are Traveling The Highways To and From Your Final Destinations Today, This Weekend and
Everyday/"Air Plane...Car...Bus...Train...Cruise Ship
I Pray You Be Safe With a Safe Return Home.
Jill £.P.Rodriguez-

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You are some sad individuals. Stand up to someone of your own equal.
Trust me little man. I know how you feel. I was treated horribly throughout my schooldays. To this day I do not attend any reunions or any thing. I am the type if you did not like me then; for damn sure your ass wont be able to fucking stand me now. I try to be a good decent person, but by being treated so nasty; always being blamed for fucking everything people have turned me into the nasty bitch now that I have become. I'm very hard on myself and everyone. So I keep up a defensive barrier so no-one gets to close. I have a hard time trusting. Occassionaly I let my guard down and the redundent bad behavior starts all over again. £ook at what just happened with Edwin and I.
I treated him like a human being but he devoured me and truly dogged me after he got sick. I could have been the horrible bitch from hell and sent him to the hospital alone, but because I £oved Him; I followed the ambulance making sure he was alright. He took my kindness and walked away with ""fuck it. Fuck them. Fuck you"".
Usually when you treat someone good and decient usually the person shits over your kindness and your kind heart. Beware of Devouring Snakes. They're Full of Poision Vennoum. J£P.Rodriguez-Mosely
This is what it looks like when a veteran's kid smacks around a bunch of racist bullies, metaphorically.
Marie Jones Edginton's profile photo
I'm not a kid but I'm a veteran too. The Bully and his bullying wife never let up. He was a WATERTOWN, NY POLICE! They were the most dangerous bullies I've seen so far. They lived next door and the Police that came to my house supported his off duty bullying. Every time I saw one I was afraid it was bad news from Afghanistan, since my husband was there for 10 years. Part military, then retired and a contractor. I'm not sure what made them do all the stuff they did, because I didn't know them except their fighting and screaming. We lived here 24 years.They only moved up here about 7 years. They did the same in town. I am not sure how to get my security back. I hope someone stops them. THIS BIG BULLY used guns! And his wife and teenagers. The police are as dangerous as the crimminals if not worse!
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I hope everyone will learn a lifelong lesson from this young mom; and then read my post that follows.
This breaks my heart. Seriously. This breaks my heart.
God Bless Her Kids.
Jill £.P.Rodriguez-Mosely
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Oh What a Beautiful Scenery. These are Some Photos of My Flower Garden and Veggies I Planted This Season. Very Much I Enjoyed Working On This Project.
Also included are a few extra photos I snapped along the way.
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I created this awesome image using Split Camera.
You can download this app from Google Play:
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Happy 4th. Of July America. I enjoyed all the fireworks and festivities. The skies lit up so beautifully. My holiday was peaceful and pleasantly quiet. I skipped out on our East Side Family's Reunion but a Shout Out To My Bro "Corey/aka P-Funk DJ Cenniepede" and Cousins Robert Hightower and Family. Maybe next years festivities if it's "god's will". £ove, Jill/aka/Reyna'h Jahe' Rod...
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Jill's adding Macy Grays' "I TRY" to her CD/DVD to her wishlist. To me; Macy has one of the most distinctive voices of all time. This song I particularily love; love; love and very much enjoy listening to. "I £isten" To the "£yrics. £isten Can-
didly to the £yrics".
I truly have gained so much insight from Macy's £yrics to this Disc; "I Try". Also; I have received a very strong message from this sheet of music.
"Keep the Great £yrics and Music"
going in "Sisterhood"
Girl Friend. Much Thanks & God Bless
Jill £.P.Rodriguez-Mosely. 
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Tyrone Davis's Greatest Hit:
If I Could Turn Back The Hands of Time. That song was the bomb back in the day. So many great artist have come and gone; but their music never ever fades away with the/our greatest musicians in music's history.
My Deepest Condolences to Bruno y Michael Mars in the recent passing of "Your Gorgeous Wonderful Mom". I have kept Your Family in My Heart y My Prayers...."Where The Roses Never Fade"...."£ord Do It"
"If I Dont Wake Up; It's Alright. These are some of my favorite songs.
Whitney Houston
Michael Jackson
Selena Queinthenia
Johnny Taylor
Billie Holliday
Sammy Davis Jr.
£ou Rawls
Duke Ellington
Chubby Checker
Johnny Nash....
This is just a short listing of the great artist & musicians whom were my favs.
Submitted by:
JI££ £.P.Rodriguez-
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Me personally, I say women usually hate on beautiful women. Kris, Candidly Speak -ing, Yourself, Khloe,
Kim, Kourtney; come on £adies You Have It All. I Say All of You Are Exception-
ally Beautiful. Who gives a fuck what the world thinks about you. They can kiss your asses. Jealousy Kills and there certainly are no regular down to earth girls who could possibly measure up to Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
Kim: if Kanye' really did disrespect you while you're carryin his child; honey listen to me. Please listen. Only 2 people know what Truly took place. "Kanye' and that "Tramp Hoe Bitch". She's a Fucking Skank. If he steps out on his pregnant childs Moma now; Trust Me Kim I Know, This wont be the last time. A pattern will continue to become repititious like a con
stant circle. You can do Bad All By Your
self. Definately. Bad all by yourself. I have much respect for The Queens of Kardashian Women.
£ove You Girlfriends,
Jill £.P.Rodriguez-Mosely
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These are some of the most exceptionally post I have leafed thru. Magnanimous. Simply Magnanimous.
Keep up the Great Work, Daniel. Definately. God Bless.
Happy Weekend to all my friendss..
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"A Nanas of (5)" Beautiful Grandkids.Nanas Hearts. I £ove Spending Much Quality Time With My Kids. My Grandson BJ Gave To Me The Name Nanas...
Bragging rights
I enjoy bragging on the qualities in my private space that make my day. Anything from wallpapering, painting, scrapbooking, photo- graphing & photo- booking, setting floral & garden arrange- ments. Also I Candidly Enjoy My Kids or Just Spending Time Alone Watching My Favorite £iz Taylor Movies; My Favorite TV Show or My Favorite DVD or just £istening to My Favorite CD. Cable is of no Interest To Me. I really have enough music and movies I don't necessarily need to buy anything unless I just want to do so. I've plenty food for my Kids; My Dad; My Brother(s); A Few £imited Close Friends/and £imited Family and Myself; so, Candidly I'm good. All I Want and Need Is Peace of Mind and for the Medaling Noses to Leave Me Alone and Stay Clear of Me and Stay The Hell Out of My Sight.
  • John White Elem/North- East High Schools
    Academic/Spanish Major/Music-Theatre Arts, 1969 - 1981
  • Choffin Career Center
    Medical-Dental/Business Secretary, 1981 - 1984
  • Youngstown State University /Penn Ohio College
    Spanish-Medical/Business Administration/Music-Theatre Arts, 1986 - 1990
  • Alabama Aprent./Raphael School of Beauty
    Cosmotology Youngstown, Ohio Spanish; Music; Major/Theatre Arts/Music, 1994 - 1998
  • Adult Continuing Education
    Medical Secretary/Business Administration-Spanish/Theatre Arts-Music, 1981 - 1998
  • The Mizell Ewing School of Music/ Butler Arts Institute/Dana School of Theatre & Performing Arts Institute of Ohio/New York City/Mobile, Alabama
    Music Major/Theatre of Performing Arts, 1973 - 1998
Basic Information
Other names
Jill £.P.Rodriguez-Mosely, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel £.Rodriguez(1995-2000)
I am happily retired and Enjoying My Kids, My Dad, My Brother/(s) A £imited Few Close Friends/£imited Family and Myself. I do however have (6-Real True Friends).To All those whom I Don't fit Into your world of High Sadidy and High Profile High Haintainance/Family/Acquaintances/ or Whoever You Are, it Doesn't mean I don't Care or £ove You/Them; it Simply Means I Refuse to Continue to Constantly Be Judged; Ridiculed; or Feel £ike I am Such an Embarras-ment to you or Be a Third Wheel To You When You Have Nothing Else to Fulfill YourTidy £ittle Congested Inuendos When You Need to Just Add One More Person; You Think Of Me as Your £ast Resort to Fill an Empty Space For Your Commis -surating Shanagians. I Refuse to Continue Being Your Pathetiac Side Kick of a £aughing Table Joke. So Screw Me. I Feel Wonderful to State Publically How I feel. Either You Take Me and Except Me With All My Flaws/My Bipolar Disorder/Meds and All My Issues or I Just Ask That You Please, Please £eave Me Alone. Judge Me Not Until You Can Get a Handle on Your Own £ife and Your Own Business and Judge Yourself With Your Own Demons & Downfalls. Cleanup Your Own £ife First Before You Come After Me on An Attack, Because; I Have No Problem; Definately No Problem, No Character, or No Sympathy Comm- issurating and Candidly Attacking You Back. £ifes a Real Bitch Isn't It. Trust Me "I Will Be Your Best Friend; And Become Your Worst Nightmare From Hell".I Have No Problem Putt- ing Your Simple Ass in Check. I Do Not Care Who The Hell You Are.Get Over Yourself. Maybe Instantainously You May have Possibly Forgotten Where You Come From. Perhaps You Need A Reality Check From The Real World To Knock Your Silly Upscale Ass Back To Reality. Always Remember "What Goes Up Soon Will Fall To The Starting Point. You Should Never Forget That"; Not Now; Not Ever. Check Yourself Thourghly; First, Seriously Before The Next Time You Decide To Take A Poke At Me.
Checking High Sadidy People. They Need A Serious Dose of Reality.
  • North High School/The Rib Cage BBQ/ Burger King & Arby Resturants
    Food Prep/Cook/Hostess/Cashier, 1977 - 1999
  • Kauffmans/Macys/T.J.Maxx/Kmart/Other Major Mall Dept. Stores of Ohio
    Cashier/Stock/Store Set Ups/Inventory/Customer Service Duties, 1996 - 2003
  • Lechters House Ware Stores - Mobile, Alabama
    Cashier/Inventory/Stock/Customer Associate, 1994 - 1996
  • Dinesol Plastics/Ram Plastics/Treeman Industries (temp to hire jobs)
    Assembly Line Operator/Inspect Parts/Pack-Skid/Floor Operator Duties, 2000 - 2007
  • Giant Eagle Grocery & Superstores
    Front End Cashier (6months), 2003 - 2003
  • Good Will Industries
    Cashier/Stock/Customer Service Associate, 2008 - 2009
  • Free Lance Gourmet Cook; Interior Design & Decorating; Photography; Motavated/Family Orientated (GrandMother of "5" Loving Beautiful Kids
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