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Mit zwölf schwer bewaffneten Fallschirmjägern und acht Militärpolizisten an Bord flogen am 26. Februar 2011 zwei Transall-Maschinen der #Luftwaffe in die libysche Wüste. Doch die Mission galt als kein bewaffneter Einsatz der Bundeswehr. +Thomas Wiegold erklärt, warum die Antwort nach der Grundlage eines Auslandseinsatz der +Bundeswehr nicht so einfach ist wie es scheint. 

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Does anyone have a quick identification of the weapon the first jihadi in this vid is holding? obviously modern assault rifle (partially obscured by the subtitles).

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Does anyone know different/better version of this Rudaw Kurdish video, possibly w/o the watermark? Trying to identify the armoured truck shown after 01:40, seems to be a German-delivered Dingo APC but not sure as quality not that good, shots of possible Dingo only short & blurred by watermark...

For those following the hardware aspect of intl' coalition air strikes vs. IS/ISIS/ISIL in Iraq & Syria: British Tornado GR4 jets which took off today for missions over Iraq were armed with Paveway IV laser guided bombs. (Mentioning this as this info is not in the British MoD story, but only in the caption of pics published by MoD; can't add link to this pic from MoD library)

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Just FYI, there's a pic circulating on the web allegedly showing a German Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank in Ukraine. This pic was taken from a video shot @ an exercise in Germany in 2012. Debunking this in my story (in German) - even the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine used this pic in his tweets... Story contains link to the original vid (also embedded).

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Does anyone know the Russian news site and can say something about its reputation? Besides Guardian and Telegraph, it's another report of Russian APCs & other military stuff crossing the border into Ukraine. Never heard of this site, so no idea how trustworthy it is...

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Anybody seen this vid? Clearly "anti-maidan" propaganda, but wondering if this guy has shown up before?

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Need help with a basically intra-German questions (apologies!): German economics minister Sigmar Gabriel, a social democrat and very restrictive on German arms exports, tells German TV ARD in an interview that French forces e.g. in Mali face Touareg (and al-qaida) rebels armed with German weapons.

Methinks there's no proof yet of Touareg and other armed groups in Africa with German weapons (with the exception of G3 assault rifles produced in Pakistan under decade old licences), so if any one has seen info in this regard, pls let me know.

No transcript of Gabriel interview yet, news story with quotes (in German) in the link.

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Has anyone seen the original of this tweet, which allegedly was sent out by Israel's embassy in Ireland & been deleted afterwards?

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ICYMI, Dutch Safety Board has set up a web site in English dedicated to the MH17 investigation.
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