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62 Websites that will make you smarter
Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” — Albert Einstein Bonjour Mates! I hope you find this article in the best of your health. Winters are here and I am super excited. Every time, I try to share useful apps, websites, thoug...

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The Power of Giving
Hello, mates! Long time no see from my side? Yeah! October kept me very busy. Okay then here I am with another useful share for you. This time it’s a very simple yet logical post for my readers. This post is NOT written by me but actually, I have read it so...

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We Rise by Lifting Others
Hello mates! I hope you all are reading this article in the best of your health. I was badly stuck in some of my bad habits and still trying to recover from it, meanwhile, I am writing this article after a very long time. I feel really glad that some of you...

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The more you pay gratitude, the more you have
Hola! Dear colleagues, mates, seniors and juniors! How was your Eid? One of the best? Or may be the busiest one. I hope you people spent a wonderful Eid with your families. Today I am going to share one of the habit of ultra-successful people, a habit that ...

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49 best free websites and apps to learn something new
Once upon a time, if you wanted to learn something, you had to a) pay a bunch of money, and b) go to a school or classroom, a place specifically dedicated to learning. Those days are over. Now, a profusion of apps, websites and institutions offer us a wider...

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Think Before Wasting
Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing good. I just want to share a brief story with you today. I have heard it many times, and every time I listen it, I feel Goosebumps in my body. Aik family thy bohat ghareeb, iss family mai 4 log thay. Husband, Wife, or un k ...

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What determines your future is what you do in your spare time, not what you do in office time!
Hello, colleagues! Good Evening! I hope you’re doing good and spending life at your best. So, how are your weekends going? Healthy, productive or just into bed all day long? To be very honest with you, I faced a lot of time management issues few months back...

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Let’s Quit Procrastination
Hello, Everyone! Good Evening Mates & Assalam O Alaikum! To carry on my Inspiration # 2 blog, I must admit something
before coming to the point. When I posted my Motivation # 1, I promised to keep
you posted with motivations and inspirations weekly. And now...

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Snapdragon 805 vs 801 vs 800 - Qualcomm’s processors
Snapdragon CPUs explained In a nutshell:  The Snapdragon 805 has started to appear in a number of phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 packs Qualcomm's flagship processor as does Google's Nexus 6. Interestingly the 805 is still a 32-bit chip which means it won...

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Sanity – To Keep You From Going Insane
It is all about the smart phone today. You might or might not have food to eat but you definitely have a smart phone, and why should you not? A smartphone is increasingly becoming the solution to every problem. The survival skills classes have been modified...
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