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Hi All.

For those who dine out a lot and/or frequently not able to get reservations at certain restaurants, this new +OpenTable  beta program may be of interest.
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Kenn Harlem

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My morning has been turned upside down with this explosion!

I need a damn drink - preferably at a resort far away from NYC!
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The response was so fast.  Although now, the sky is darkening and it's only 12::55.

Kenn Harlem

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I'm glad the cops are finally doing something about this.

Yesterday was a nice day and they people were out on Seventh and Eight Avenues and on 110 & 116 streets.

There are a lot of families in this area and lots of people were out enjoying the day going to and from parks and its only a matter of time before one of these "bikers" injures someone.

Crack down on them now before someone gets hurt!
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Kenn Harlem

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I've been watching this show because I found it to be racially devoid and a one dimensional look at gay men and relationships.  I wont even go into why there are no lead characters of color, outside of Augustin and why there are never any lesbians (not including the L Word) in gay TV series.

However, after watching this, I've concluded, the main characters are the most dysfunctional motha-fuckas on the planet.  Augustin is one of the most miserable, deceitful, bitter bitch I've seen.
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Kenn Harlem

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The followers at this church are so ignorant.  *I lived on this block* and we (and people on Lenox) had signs stating we didn't believe or condone what the church states.

The hatred and misinformation at this "house of worship" is at an all time high.  This is such an ugly stain, in such a beautiful and diverse area.
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I just looked at the sign & read the article and I am totally disgusted & taken aback at the ignorance & lack of conscience on the part of the person or persons who are responsible for that outrageously horrific sign. I am not part of the LGBT community nor am I a Christian, & my political affiliation really makes no difference, however I am part of a race, it's called the human one...Anyone remember that one? What has happened to humanity, respect, or the practice of simple acceptance of belief systems that may not mirror those different from our own. It also bothers me on a whole new level that this is occurring in NYC or NY period. We are literally a hub of assorted ethnicities, religion's, sexual preferences & just an amazing group of people from almost everywhere. I have always been proud to have experienced meeting and associating myself with so many people from all over the world who's gender, color, nationality, and sexual preference, etc, was nothing like mine Yes, now we have the internet, "The World Wide Web" but there's nothing that can replace the ability to meet, touch, dine with, visit, work with the myriad of lovely people I have experienced simply because I was fortunate enough to be born & grow up in NY. I find more often than I should, that I am standing in the face of ignorance, that sadly no matter where you're from, the lack of tolerance & respect is lacking to a point where it crosses a dangerous line called hatred. We consistently see & hear (Like the sign in question) the insane musings of a few irrationally ignorant people screaming while the unfortunate masses who are tolerant & know this type of behavior is beyond WRONG, stay silent because they fear the repercussions of speaking up against the very same people who would dare put such a message in front of a church?! It makes you wonder when you look back at history and hear people say, "Look how far we have come" when discussing tolerance, ie; the end of segregation. Yet, here's proof we have only made small strides & have literally taken mere baby steps. At the end of the day even a blind person can see and a dead man can hear that we have a long way to go. The cycle of hatred and intolerance must end somewhere & I'm sad to say, it probably won't be in my lifetime It may not even occur in the life times of children born today but it cannot happen soon enough. I am mindful that in every group of people all over this planet, there will always be a darling group of pure unadulterated radical fanatical lunatics. It's just a fact but the other fact that's most important to remember, is the actions of these few do not represent the actions of all & all should not be punished or treated in the same manner as the ones who go out of their way to make this world a hateful, ugly, cruel & intolerant place. Take The Sign Down & Take One Moment To Think If Christ Walked Past That Church On This Very Day, Do you really & honestly believe he would accept such a display of everything Christianity does not represent & never has stood for? One question in case I'm missing something: If we are all made in God's image & if God makes no mistakes, then how can anyone question God's action of making us all as different as a fingerprint or as diverse as could be? Maybe, just maybe, God did so with the intention of knowing how beautiful & diverse this worlds landscape would look, as opposed to a world where everywhere you looked would be the same, the same & more of the same. Thank you to KH for the post & the courage to.put it out here where more than just the residents & neighbors of the church can see it & hopefully get enough feedback to let EVERYONE KNOW THIS IS NOT OKAY
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For those Metro North Railroad customers

Here we go:

For this evening, Metro-North is restoring some New Haven and Harlem Line service from Grand Central Terminal after an explosion and building collapse next to the Park Avenue viaduct. 

Customers who use the Hudson Line should take the B, D or 4 subway lines to 161 St and walk to Metro-North's Yankees - East 153rd Street station. Workers from the subway and Metro-North will assist customers to walk west from the B, D and 4 subway station at 161 St. to the Metro-North?s Yankees - East 153rd Street station for service to points north.

Train service is limited by the number of tracks that have been cleared of debris, tested for integrity and approved for operations by Metro-North and the New York Fire Department (FDNY). Train speeds may also be reduced to protect nearby railroad workers and to limit vibrations at the explosion site.
Of the four tracks on the Park Avenue viaduct, the two farthest from the explosion site have been restored to service. As more tracks are restored, the level of train service will increase.
New Haven Line and Harlem Line customers should expect crowding and delays due to track limitations, with some local and express trains combined. The track configuration does not allow Hudson Line service to operate to Grand Central until more tracks are restored to service. Customers are urged to delay travel until later if possible.
NYC Transit subway will cross honor Metro-North tickets.  

Metro-North's Port Jervis and Pascack Valley lines will cross-honor tickets from the other Metro-North lines.
For service updates, continue to check this website and the news media and listen for announcements at your station.
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Anyone ready for +Once Upon a Time ?  If the story-lines are marginal like the first half this season AND the CGI continues to be TER-RI-BLE, this may be my last season watching.

Who else is a OUAT fan?
MTA Bus Time has been expanded to Brooklyn and Queens.

I love this MTA bus feature.  The site is easy to use on a desktop and mobile device.  

There are three bus stops near my house and I know exactly where the bus is, so now I don't have to leave my house until necessary. This is a plus especially during bad weather.
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Kenn Harlem

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This is terrible.  I know if I do not show up for 6 hours, 6 days, 6 weeks...... you all better come looking for me.

If I die and you don't look, I'll come back to haunt you all and you'll never have a moments rest!!

Oh...make sure nobody comes to my funeral wearing the same outfit i'm being buried in.
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Phyl B
Omg, this is sad! I wonder if she had family and if so why nobody bothered to contact or check on her. Also, from what the neighbors were saying she had a job. Maybe they thought she had a job, because a job would surely check if they hadn't heard from you. 
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