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Taylor Made Business Systems
Taylored solutions specific to your business printing needs.
Taylored solutions specific to your business printing needs.

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Today’s rising overhead expenses drive organizations to find practical
ways to reduce costs. Profit-conscious executives face the challenge of
either reducing headcount or reducing overhead expenses. Much of the
time, either of these strategies can have a negative impact on productivity
and morale. Every so often a strategy appears that can provide significant
expense control and enhance productivity. One of these areas is office
Documents drive business processes. That’s why an average of 1-3% of a
company’s annual revenues are consumed by document production. To
make matters worse, this expense is growing in many organizations.
A Print Management Strategy allows you to control these expenses by
outsourcing the management of your fleet of printers. In this type of
usage-based model, you only pay for the prints you use. Best of all, no
capital expenditures are required since the agreement is for the
management of your existing fleet

Let TaylorMade Business Systems help you save money with one of your most valuable and expensive resources, your printer fleet. 3% to 6% of of a corporations total revenue is spent on print related costs, per The Gartner Group. We can help you shake hands with your printer fleet and help increase your ROI. Call us today!
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