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Some Quick Notes on Circles and Following

Google+ is all about making sharing on the web like sharing on the real world. You share different things with your family than you do with your coworkers, after all, and you don’t always want to tell the world everything. That’s why we built circles, to help you selectively share and selectively follow updates from your world.

Public vs Limited Sharing

There are two types of shares on Google+. Public posts are visible to any Google+ user and the web. Limited posts are shared to those Google+ users in circles you shared to, including what we call Extended Circles, which shares to all your circles and friends of your friends. You always control who sees what, and limited posts that you share with your friends cannot be shared publicly.

Friends and Followers

Since the launch of Google+ this summer, many of you are seeing incredible engagement and many connections - including from new people you don’t know yet. But just because someone adds you to one of their circles, it doesn’t mean you have to follow them back, it doesn’t mean you have to share anything with them, and it also doesn’t mean you have to see any of their updates.

When someone adds you to their circles, it simply suggests they have interest in your shares, and you don’t have to do anything. You can add someone to circles, or simply ignore it. Those you don’t add to circles will only see Public shares you make, and no more.

Hey! I’m Drowning In Notifications Over Here!

We want to make sure you get the right updates at the right time. Seeing a lot of activity on your shares? That’s great. You can get notified on activity on your phone, by email and on the web, or turn almost everything off. If you want, you can even stop being notified by email of new followers. (Start here:

For a lot more information on sharing, circles, blocking and muting, make sure to check out this great post from Google+'er +Kimberly Johnson:

At Google+, we want this to be a community where you are excited to share and connect with your friends. Knowing what to share to the right people is something you’ve got mastered offline. Now you can share the same way here. Let us know if you have some tips for new users just getting started.
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