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David Desrosiers
Prime candidate to flunk reeducation camp
Prime candidate to flunk reeducation camp

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Maraxus with the Rich Man Genny using XC16 ceramic. 

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Vape Fest 2013! 
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This sexy beast is meeting me in Vegas! I tagged serial number 289. YEAH! 

I've heard a lot of people talk about their "unicorn mod" that they covet and seek above all others. I have decided which one is mine. 

I want a Maraxus. I don't care how hard I have to look, work and save to find one. That's the mod that is my unicorn.

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Oh, wow. This really sparks the imagination.
Another DNA20 Box called All Wood. Rare only 17 made

 I'm pleased and excited to say that I am the newest member of the Butt Out family of employees! I'm definitely looking forward to being a long term part a brand that's doing it right and having huge success doing it. After all, we are The Bad Boys (and girls) of Vape!

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6X6X2" in Birdseye Maple
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 People who bash the notion of American Exceptionalism do not know what the concept is. They think it means that Americans are better than other people. This is of course a bastardized teaching of the Left.

What American Exceptionalism is is the fact that before America, every single country had as its organizing principle that their populations were subservient to the apparatus of the state.
American Exceptionalism turns that on its head. We were the very first nation in human history to codify as an organizational principle that the individual had a place of unassailable primacy over the power of the state. The individual and their God given right to freedom trumps the state's power or desire to take that away.

So next time someone wants to bash American Exceptionalism, know that you are fundamentally wrong in your understanding of it. If you still want to bash it knowing what it really means, then you are a statist and frankly evil.

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From our day yesterday at the Phoenician Resort.
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