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LSB IN NYC - The High Line
I wanted to share some snaps I took whilst ambling down the prettiest park known as The High Line in New York city. Almost 2 months later and it feels like a world away, the city buzz I crave every day seems impossible to find. The High Line elevated you ov...

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Perspective: My Health
Infinity of Fashion is a blog about Lucy Jane and I am Lucy Jane, an 18 year old girl determined to tackle the world of fashion. I've always seen my blog as a personal expression of who I am but recently I feel some what 'detached' from it. My style is evol...

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Golden Time: Day to Night
With fashion I adapt my outfit to my mood, the term 'dressing up' is universal to me as when isn't a good time to dress up? Recently I had been wondering what I would do if having time to change my outfits was an issue, what if I had to work with what I'd g...

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LSB IN NYC - Stop and stare, It's Times Square!
Think of all the breath-taking moments you've had and roll them into one, mixing together all that wonder and awe into a split second. You are truly amazed. This is what Times Square (and pretty much the whole of NYC) did to me.  'Been dreaming of those bri...

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LSB IN NYC: Central Park and Antique Art
On Saturday 1st April 2017, I travelled to the city that I have dreamt about visiting for so long. Craving to ride the subway, hail a cab and see the infamous skyline that leaves you breathless at first sight, I went to New York City. Central Park and antiq...

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#CHARITYSHOPBOP : In with purple and pink - Runway edition
London Fashion Week seems like a life-time ago in the fast paced world of fashion, but shift your minds back to a few weeks ago. We saw A/W17 showcase some beautiful looks down the catwalk with a lot of focus on red, cheetah print, leather but suprisingly, ...

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Those red roses
Spring is almost 'sprung' yet I can't veer myself away from wanting to wear the classic winter tones of red, black and white. I think there is something about red that I truly love, I found a journal entry from a few months back where I wrote about my favou...

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70s Suede
I can't tell whether the over-sized glasses look is a good thing on me anymore or not? Part of me thinks I look like a sophisticated, vintage woman whilst the other half thinks I look like a fly, with bug eyes. It is a look I suppose... 70s suede, something...

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The perfect valentines day was spent wandering the streets of Notting Hill where I stumbled upon a little gem... Sifting through the rails of the most up-market Oxfam I have EVER encountered, I came across the worlds most amazing coat. Presumably vintage, t...

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When In Shoreditch
Discovering new places is something I love to do, you diversify what you know, what you've seen and how you look at things. Walking around Shoreditch for the first time was exactly this, the overwhelming sense of something new and exciting... Wall after wal...
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