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Joy Papini
Working mother, wife, cook, and aspiring children’s book author
Working mother, wife, cook, and aspiring children’s book author


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This is such a great review.  Very exciting for my first book.
#Book Review of #MarcotheLittleChef from #ReadersFavorite -

Reviewed by Si Ning Yeoh for Readers' Favorite

Marco the Little Chef is a cute children’s storybook written by Joy Papini and colorfully illustrated by Kersly Miñoza. It tells the fun tale of a kid named Marco who travels around the world with his mother in search of the ingredients they need to make a meal of mac and cheese. Along the way, they learn a lot about the different kinds of pastas and cheeses available, where said pastas and cheeses come from, how to cook mac and cheese, etc. As a final bonus, Papini added the recipe for making mac and cheese at the end of the book, which parents and kids will find convenient to use to satisfy the hunger pangs they will get after reading about Marco’s food-filled adventures!

Marco the Little Chef will be an enjoyably educational read for curious children - it would particularly be suitable for early and fluent readers around ages 6-8, due to its combination of longer sentences and dialogue with its simple theme. Joy Papini manages to pack a surprising amount of easily digestible (hah, pun intended) information about geography, food-making, and cooking into just a few pages through her imaginative concept of the Pasta Express. It will even teach them a new Italian word - Mangiamo! Kids will also enjoy the creativity and quirkiness of the pictures in Marco the Little Chef - I was very entertained to see how everythin...
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