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Scott Mandia

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Blogger Anthony Watts is boasting that his denial shenanigans finally got some attention from normal people who aim to educate others about climate change. For some unknown reason he was interviewed b...
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Scott Mandia

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Teach Intro Weather and Intro Climate Change courses to mostly non-science majors
Can distill complex climate science concepts into everyday metaphors
  • Suffolk County Community College
    Professor/Asst. Chair, 1991 - present
College Professor - Climate Change Communicator

I am a meteorology professor at Suffolk County Community College and have been teaching for 26 years (four of those at Pennsylvania State University).

The science is clear to me and to most experts in the various fields associated with climate science:  Humans are causing most of the observed global warming in the past several decades and, if we continue emitting heat-trapping GHGs such as carbon dioxide under a "business as usual" scenario, it will become increasingly difficult and costly to adapt to the changes that are likely to occur.

As a parent of two small children, I do not wish to see them nor their children grow up in a world where billions of people may suffer due to the ignorance of those before them.  After reading Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum's book Unscientific America it dawned on me that the message from the scientific experts was not reaching the masses.  It has become a central mission in my life to bring the science from the journals into the hands of the general public.  For this reason, I co-founded the Climate Science Rapid Response Team (CSRRT) with Drs. John Abraham and Ray Weymann. CSRRT is a match-making service between top scientists and members of the media and office holders and their staffs from various levels of government.

Scientific research has brought us amazing advancements in technology, medicine, and in our basic understanding of the planet. Over the last twenty years, a small handful of politically-motivated think tanks and legal foundations, because they disliked certain scientific findings, have taken legal action against scientific institutions and individual scientists. In recent years, the legal attacks have intensified, especially against climate scientists. For this reason, I co-founded (along with Joshua Wolfe) the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund to protect the scientific endeavor.

In case you are wondering, I am a registered Independent.

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So far the service gas been great. Panels not operational yet but should save me 32%. I encourage all to consider this company. No cost but huge savings.
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The décor is beautiful. If eating inside you are surrounded by rich wood and interesting antique pieces. We ate outside and it was also beautiful. Small table for two by a little pond with tiki torches - very romantic. But this is about food, right? 5 stars for everything we ordered. Began with two apps: crab cakes and shrimp and grits. The crab cakes were resting on a bed of cucumbers and were slightly seared on the outside. A nice crunch met the mouth at first followed by a sweet moistness inside. Superb. The shrimp and grits were my favorite. Four large shrimp resting on a large helping of the creamiest grits I have ever tasted. I then had the heirloom tomato salad. If you have never had an heirloom tomato you have never had a tomato! Superb salad. For entrees my wife had a salad with seared ahi tuna and I had the 10 oz. marinated flat iron steak cooked rare. Her tuna was to die for. Large slices of ahi that melted in the mouth. My steak was cooked perfectly. Was worried about marinate making the steak begin at medium rare but I was pleased the steak was indeed rare. Sat on a bed of red skin smashed potatoes. Yummy! We were going to leave for desert elsewhere and Rory, the manager, sent us a complimentary ice box cake that was pure evil in the best possible way. Great craft beer selection because Rory is a beer aficionado like myself so you will always get a great rotating selection. My wife had Bombay Sapphire gin and tonics and they were excellent. Price was very reasonable. $130 for two apps, a salad, two entrees, and four drinks (my craft beers were 23oz. for $9). It would be very hard to beat the quality of this food at that price anywhere. Finally, the service was impeccable and pleasant. Just the right amount of attention as to be warm but not intrusive. Think I like this place?
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Have been coming here for years. Very fresh fish and always something unique on the special board. Ken and his crew are artists. The best sashimi and special rolls in the area. Whenever we try sushi anywhere else, Benten is used as the benchmark.
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We order 18 whole grain bagels every 10 days from here because they are easily the best tasting bagels we have ever eaten. Service is always great and the price is right. Not sure why the other two reviewers were so negative. When we have visitors we give them Brooklyn bagels and they love them. 100% 5 star bagels!
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