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See that Blue Circle and red blood drop there? They are "jumping out," and this is how my diabetes has been feeling lately in many aspects of my life. This D-Art Day creation by a local Indy pinstriper is on display and is being given away!

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is enjoying this Diet Coke. Because I can.

is looking forward to meeting up with some D-peeps on Sunday!

is being taunted by the delicious smell of corned beef & cabbage coming from the crockpot and filling the house. May need to leave soon and go fetch some Irish stew for lunch.

I've not been on Google+ in AGES... and yet, here I am again. Wow. Hello again!

is hanging out, watching Prohibition on PBS while sipping some Woodford Reserve and Diet Coke.

jumped ship in Hong Kong and made my way to Tibet, before getting on as a looper at a course over in the Himalayas.

is here, ready to abandon Facebook completely for Google+.
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