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Love Without End, by Glenda Green
Love without End , by Glenda Green.  This is a book my aunt Michele loaned me, saying it was the book that made her fall back in love with Jesus. It is about Glenda Green's miraculous conversations with Jesus as he posed for her painting. It's not the type ...

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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, by Holly Black
2015 Media #6 / Book #3:  The Coldest Girl in Coldtown , by Holly Black  Reason for reading:  This was the January pick for my bookclub. Summary:  In this near-future book, vampires have emerged into the public eye due to an outbreak started by a sloppy new...

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Lecture 1 of The New Testament (The Great Courses), by Bart D. Ehrman
The New Testament (The Great Courses, Course Number 656) Lecture 1: The Early Christians and Their Literature This was an introductory lecture which suggested a few ways to study the New Testament: 1) as a faithful believer; 2) From a cultural perspective (...

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Chapter 3: The New Testament: A Short Introduction, by Stephen Harris
In my final text for Lesson 1 of:  The New Testament (The Great Courses, Course Number 656) , I read chapters 1-3 of  The New Testament: A Student's Introduction , by Stephen L. Harris.  I found these notes from chapter 3 worth sharing, since I was unaware ...

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Chapter 1: An Introduction to the New Testament, by Raymond E Brown
I've finished reading chapter 1 of  An Introduction to the New Testament , by Raymond E Brown for the great course  The New Testament (The Great Courses, Course Number 656) , by Bart D. Ehrman.  Notes on Chapter 1:  The meaning of the word "Testament" has d...

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Fire & Ash
Fire & Ash , by Jonathan Maberry Reason for reading:  This is the fourth and final book in a series that I've been reading. I'm making a goal this year to get farther in / finish as many series as possible Summary:  In this fourth and final book in the Rot ...

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The New Testament Canon, by Harry Y Gamble
The New Testament Canon , by Harry Y. Gamble Reason for reading:  This is one of the supplementary books for the great course  The New Testament (The Great Courses, Course Number 656) , by Bart D. Ehrman.  Thoughts:  This short "guide to biblical scholarshi...

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On psychopaths - guestpost by Daniel Schuette
First of all, let me forewarn you: THIS GUEST POST WILL CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT. When I was asked to write a post
for Mental Health Awareness, my first thought was: “ What on earth qualifies me to even do such a thing?” I mean, sure, I’m
on medication for dep...

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Giveaway for Peter Kinderman's
Hi everyone!  My first giveaway for the Suicide and Mental Illness Theme Read 2014 is The New Laws of Psychology, by Peter Kinderman . This book is written by the professor who teaches FutureLearn's MOOC Psychology and Mental Health: Beyond Nature and Nurtu...

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Guest Post: The Survivor’s Side of Suicide, by Julie Cantrell
The Survivor’s Side of Suicide By Julie Cantrell Suicide is one ugly word. It’s the kind of word that swings
heavy from lips. The kind that is whispered, and stilted, never sung. As an author, I build my life around words. Every word has
worth. Even those w...
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