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Rebecca Marie
✨ Just a girl who is far too enthusiastic about books and tea 🌸
✨ Just a girl who is far too enthusiastic about books and tea 🌸


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Where Have I Been?
What a few months it has been! Firstly, I would like to apologize for being
completely non-existent on my blog for the past few months. Those of you who
know me or continued to talk to me on social media will know it has been a
hectic 5 months, so let’s hav...

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Photography #2
Well, I think it is safe to say that I have not
written a blog post in a very long time. I have just finished my 3-year degree
in Drama and it has been HECTIC to say the least. So, a very big sorry to
everyone but a massive thank you to those who still kept...

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Morning Skincare Routine
I have spent a fair few years figuring out what
products work for my skin and which ones to steer clear of. In the recent
months, I have also been trying to convert most, if not all, of my products to
natural skincare. As I have gotten older, I have definit...

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The Skinny Kitchen - A Trip With Jessica!
As you can tell from my post yesterday, I have really been into healthy eating recently. A
few weeks back I went to The Skinny Kitchen with my housemate and fellow
blogger Jessica. Find her blog over at The Birds and Butterflies . As I tend to write quite l...

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SourcedBox - Healthy Snacking Service!
Healthy snacking? Yes please! If you are anything
like me, you will love a healthy snack over an unhealthy one. I find it utterly
incredible that some healthy brands use natural ingredients to make their
products and some turn out to taste just like an unhe...

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February Favorites
the month of February, I was so focused on my practical assignments at university
that I barely had any time to try anything new and I wasn’t using anything
enough for it to become a favorite of mine. Therefore, this post will be a lot
shorter than my Ja...

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Beauty Misses #1
my first few years at university, I would buy almost every product I laid my
eyes on. Seeing several bloggers and vloggers with huge make-up collections
made me envious, so I tried to make my own collection bigger and bigger. As a
result of this, I purch...

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January Favorites
January always seems
to be the month in which I love a large amount of products compared to the rest
of the year (new year, new me, new products?) so it was really hard for me to
pick my ultimate favorites for the month of January. This is my first post in

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Empties #1
is my first blog post on what products I have used up – otherwise called “Empties”
which seems to be the common name amongst bloggers and vloggers. I
am one of those people who definitely likes to use up one product before I move
onto the next one, so ...

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The Bedtime Tag
So recently I was nominated to
do The Bedtime Tag by the lovely Amelia over at Mum’s Beauty Cave .
You can find her bedtime tag here so go and check it out! As a university student, my
days are fairly hectic and I look forward to sleeping every minute of th...
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