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Katrin dayak
I'm Indonesian from Dayak tribe. We are indigenous people of Borneo/Kalimantan island. Welcome to my page.
I'm Indonesian from Dayak tribe. We are indigenous people of Borneo/Kalimantan island. Welcome to my page.

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Good Night
Have a nice dreams
Nothing is impossible
There is still a hope
Miracles will come
with the sunshine


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After a long time
I return to the place that we first met
I'm not recognise you anymore
You are not you
And I am still the same
Playing traditional music
On my rice field
Whistling with the wind
Singing with the nature symphony
Dancing amidst Meadow
I enjoy my solitaire
And you
Having feast with your admirers
We are like sky and the Earth
Water and oil
We are...
Life in the different worlds
But still...
Under the same sun

©Katharina Dike 150117


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Innocent, natural, honest
I am 😊😊😊

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Kadang aku harus memalingkan wajahku..
Dunia ini penuh kemunafikan
Aku aman di Dunia ku
Dunia yang bersahaja
Penuh ketulusan
Aku tidak akan pernah mengemis persahabatan atau belas kasihan.
Aku memiliki itu semua dan selalu kujaga untuk orang-orang yang benar-benar pantas memilikinya. 

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On the bridge among past and future
I stand firmly
I know only me
Can change my future
Forget the nightmares
Hail the glorious days

©Katharina Dike 251216

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Dear my g+ friends
I wish you a joyous & beautiful Christmas 🎄🎄🎄
This Christmas tree made from recycle plastic bottles. Not luxurious one but it made with love 💚💚💚

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I need you here
Your breath on my skin
Your touch on my curve
Your gentle voice on my ears
I am longing of you in all my senses
I try to forget you
Blow away your shadow from my mind
Erase your name from the wall of my heart
But I can't lie
My memories with you linger
I pretend that you never meant for me
Our Footprints are real
You have been a part of my life

©Katrin Dayak 071216


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I hope you understand..
What is hiding inside ...

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I'm not let the rule control me in poetry
I write it with my heart
I'm not follow rhymes
I'm not count sillabic
It is limbic
I blow my breath in my lines
I let my soul beat me
I let my ink flow to the valley
Of reality
My tears are salt
My smiles are sugar
My spirit is machine
My feet sway away
I fly with my fantasy
So wild
Soar to the galaxy
When it untouchable
I reach it
with my unboundaries mind
Love changes into hate
Hope changes into despair
I ask when dream change into reality
I asking continually

©Katrin Dayak 21216


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Just wait for me
You will be more appreciate
My being
After a length of time 
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