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paul t beard
Attended Cranbrook C of E Primary.
Lived in Cranbrook, UK
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paul t beard

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great work:) i share it on +HQSP Macro 
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paul t beard

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Hover fly  Eristalex pertenax on an eryngium yuccifolium.
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Beautiful photo
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paul t beard

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Love seeing how these petals unfold.
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paul t beard

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The warm light of the evening sun shines on this ancient meadow and the two rabbits standing guard. The meadow is surrounded by woodland I shot this image from a secluded pathway in the forest that my Father and I used too access our favorite fishing lake, that was in the early 1950s. A number of horses would be grazing here and the abundant rabbits would scamper here and there along the path in front of us. Then one day as we made our way to the lake the putrid smell of rotting flesh hung on the still morning air and the path and it's margins were littered with the carcasses of dead rabbits. This was the work of the Myxoma virus which was first discovered in South American rabbits, it's effect on them was mild but proved fatal to the European species. The transition between the species took place in Australia where the virus was introduced in 1938 to control the massive rabbit population which was causing extensive damage to crops. This was an act of desperation as all other means of controlling them failed, the European rabbit was introduced by early settlers as a food source. The term ''breed like rabbits'' is very true, with few natural preditors from a few escapees the population quickly exploded.

 In 1952 a French bacteriologist inoculated two rabbits with the virus intending to reduce the population on his estate in France within two years 90% of the rabbit population in France was dead, the virus quickly spread through Europe with the same devastating effect. The disease was introduced to the UK illegally in 1953 by way of a landowner who imported some infected rabbits and released them into the wild, by 1955 only about 5% of the population were still living. The remaining population although not totally unaffected had some resistance to the virus which has grown stronger with each generation, the survival of the fittest.
The horses no longer graze here no doubt because of the massive mole population and large vet bills for damaged legs as the undermined ground gave way beneath them, the moles now leave their mark in the uneven contours of the meadow, and all the rabbits have to worry about is the odd fox and hawk. 
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They stand strong. Great capture!
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paul t beard

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If Rhino horn is your thing save a life and chew your finger nails instead, it is the same thing.

Rhino horns are made of keratin, the same material that makes up your hair and fingernails and using rhino horn for medicinal purposes have the same effect on you as biting your nails or eating your own hair!
Please help us protect these beautiful animals! At the current rate of poaching, rhinos will be extinct within a few years.

Please spread this message as wide as possible!

White Rhino
I don't normally put the subject in the middle of the photo, but in this case I liked it this way.

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If you want too share, the avaaz organisation is great and will rescue people and animals
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paul t beard

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Beautiful thistle. Love seeing bees on these.
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paul t beard

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Tulip ''Verichic''

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Exellent work & such a beautiful capture ! 
Greetings my friend :) +paul t beard 
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paul t beard

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Michelham priory.

The Augustine Priory of the Holy Trinity was founded at Michelham in 1229. The Priory was dissolved in the 1537 dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII. The Church and some of the building were demolished and between 1599 and 1601 the house was sold to Thomas Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset. It was then sold to James Gwynne in 1896 and was where his children Rupert, Roland and Violet grew up.[1] The property remained in private hands into the 20th century, when it was restored by the Sussex architect and antiquarian, Walter Godfrey. It was used as a base for Canadian troops during the winter of 1941-42 while they prepared for the Dieppe Raid. Later it was the East Sussex headquarters of the Auxiliary Territorial Service.
In 1958 Mrs R.H. Hotblack purchased the property with the aim of preserving it for posterity. With an endowment from Kenneth, Earl of Inchcape, as a memorial to his friend John Fletcher Boughey who was killed during the Second World War, Mrs Hotblack gave the property in trust to the Sussex Archaeological Society on 1 November 1959.
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So much history in this place +paul t beard wonderful image, wonderful post, congrats
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paul t beard

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The sky looked great when I left, it had everything going for it so I headed for the coast. It had been raining all day very heavily but the cloud was beginning to break.As I was heading down a narrow country lane and negotiated a sharp right hand bend there was a notice in the middle saying ''FLOOD ROAD CLOSED'' It is a mystery to me why they don't put up the notice at the entrance too the road instead of letting people drive all the way too the flood only to have to turn around. With time running short I headed for higher ground. by the time I arrived a heavy blanket of cloud had swept across the sky blocking out the sun, with my gear set up in case it cleared I only had to wait a short time before I could get off a few shots.#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +paul t beard +David Heath Williams +Bill Wood +Jim Warthman +Ben T +jeff beddow +Tom Hierl  +Vishal Kumar  +Michael Blyde  +Carolyn Lim  +Steve Gould  +Jay Gould
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Awesome sky !
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paul t beard

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St Andrews church Alfriston.

I found this tucked away in a corner of the church I have no idea how old it is, the ink was quite faded but the colours of the pressed dried flowers were still vibrant suggesting time was the culprit not sunlight. My guess is it is the work of a lady parishioner perhaps from the latter part of the 1800s. The calligraphy is perfect with accents on the capitals.
The words are from a hymn The Canticle of Three Children which is in the Church of England book of Common Prayer and is derived from the Prayer of Azariah found in the Book of Daniel from the Old Testament. I found it quite moving that the church had kept such a humble artifact on display for so long.

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Very beautiful and with much passion for detail!
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Cranbrook, UK - Eastbourne.
Amateur photographer, Love nature.
I have lived in the South of England all my life, main hobby is photography mostly self taught. I also like to research what I have photographed mostly on the internet and share with others my findings.
Bragging rights
I made it to 65.
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  • Swattenden school for boy's
  • Further education with the Grocers Institute.
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