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Visited the Hong Kong Electronics Fair at the HKCEC in Wanchai,  lots of buyers and exhibitors and the event is spread over multiple floors.  I was there for around 2-3 hours and I covered just a fraction of the floor space.  My interests were primarily in understanding what SoC's were in play for shipping tablets and what SoC's and typical memory/display resolutions should one expect for the holiday season given that buyers probably are placing orders now

The usual Chinese SoC's players were in full force (MediaTek, AllWinner, Rockchip) and they have some sweet SoC's coming soon. Was particularly impressed by Rockchips RK3288 which is an A17 quad core part with an ARM Mali T764 GPU.  Basically, this SoC is a beast and very competitively priced.  PiPo is likely to have something shipping soon so will have to keep an eye on the China tablet websites

Intel via Clovertrail+ and BayTrail is also got a number of design wins for Android tablets destined for sale in China and Asus is putting a lot of muscle behind its recent Zenfone launch

Most tablets are still 512MB in RAM so as an app/game developer,  you should rein in the memory leaks and use all the tools at your disposal (profilers, GPU compressed textures such as ETC,PVRTC,DXT,ATC etc)
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 From a user perspective, if I just setup a restricted profile on 2012 Nexus 7 running 4.3, it seems to disable Play Store access and thus Google Wallet (so IAP etc). 
I am allowed to configure access to Play Magazines, Play Books, Play TV,  Play Games

However, when I login to the restricted profile on the home screen I see an icon for Play Store app which when I click says I'm not allowed to access the Play Store (that's correct but why then show me the icon on home screen)

Wouldn't Play TV and the other Play services (Books, Magazines, Games) require payment for some content but payment seems to be implicitly blocked due to non availability of Play Store and thus Google Wallet.  Thus why allow some Play content but not other content

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Must be one of the worlds most cheapest data plans.

1GB = Rs 123 = USD 2.06
2GB = Rs 246 = USD  4.125
4GB = Rs 492 = USD 8.25

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Been experimenting with WebP, very impressive compression ratio compared to PNG's and JPEG's.  Need to zen up a bit more on nginx variables to see if I can parse $request_filename correctly to concat the basename with a '.webp' extension

Shall be interesting to see whether this can translate to textures, background images in mobile games and what it does to overall game size and performance (less bytes to load of flash). 

Very good presentation by +Ilya Grigorik and Stephen Konig at Google I/O

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Me likey, definitely has the funk.  Awesome sound track

A little bit glitchy on my Asus Transformer TF101 (ICS 4.0.3) particular when I go to Store->Upgrades or Store-Piggy Bank but very smooth on my Galaxy Nexus (JB 4.1.2)
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