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27 SEO Essentials for Every Long-Form Blog Post

1. Keyword research
2. Use long-tail keywords
3. Create the perfect h1 tag
4. Use helpful subheadings
5. Implement schema markup
6. Share your content with influencers to get backlinks
7. Optimize your URL
8. Include outbound links
9. Include internal links
10. Use LSI keywords
11. Get the title tag right
12. Create an SEO-friendly meta description
13. Make it mobile friendly
14. Analyze your site speed
15. Optimize body text for your keyword
16. Use your focus keyword early on
17. Think about keyword frequency
18. Consider user intent
19. Include LSI keywords in your h2 subheadings
20. Make social buttons easy to find
21. Increase your chances of getting a featured snippet
22. Don’t overuse anchor text
23. Syndicate your content
24. Use title modifiers
25. Use different titles for your title tag and h1
26. Make sure your content is actually long form
27. Make sure your content goes deep

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SEO Benefits Of Using WordPress To Publish Your Content

WordPress is one of the best tools used by SEO experts these days. This tool is increasingly in demand and most of the SEO experts are using it to publish your content.

To hire content writers and publish your content isn’t the only digital marketing trends but you need to work on latest SEO strategies as well if you really want to take your website to unimaginable heights.

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15 Growth Ideas for Boosting Ecommerce Sales

1. Implement a Chatbot
2. Launch a Physical Product Catalog
3. Create a Downloadable Resource
4. Run a Contest
5. Send Thank You Cards
6. A/B Test Your Homepage
7. Hire a CRO Consultant
8. Add Upsell Messaging to Your Confirmation Emails
9. Utilize FOMO
10. Leverage User-Generated Content
11. Launch a Rewards/Referral Program
12. Sell on More Channels
13. Launch a Content-Focused Email Series
14. Test Facebook Live
15. Incorporate Pop-Ups on Your Website

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The SEO Benefits of Using WordPress to Publish Your Content

-Structured permanent link

-Easy-to-create SEO compatible titles

-Creation of Meta Unique descriptions for SEO

-It’s easy to generate an XML sitemap in WordPress

-Using categories and tags

-Simple and clean code

-Image Optimization for SEO

-Links to related publications

-Other key points about SEO on WordPress

#SEObenefits #SEO #Searchengine #Wordpress #Content

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12 Risky SEO Tactics That Might Work

1. Add 1,000 words of content to your homepage and articles
2. Use (some) negative SEO
3. Buying expired domains
4. Buying available domains
5. Make small changes to your site
6. Create valuable doorway pages
7. Use social bookmarking
8. Create microsites
9. Article spinning
10. Exact match anchor text
11. Submit to link directories
12. Event link building

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Best E-commerce Trends One Should Consider In 2017

1. Artificial Intelligence, AI
2. Chat Bots
3. Fast Delivery Service
4. Mobile-friendly
5. Cashless Payment
6. Personalized Deals And Customized Products And Services
7. Social Selling Concept

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32 Social Media Marketing Stats For 2017

#Socialmedia #Socialmediamarketing #Marketing #business #Stats #Socialstats

Click here to view the infographic of Social Media Stats 2017:


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Semantic SEO Strategy: How to Do SEO in 2017

 Improve your website user experience by fixing on-page technical and content SEO issues

 Contextualize Your Keyword Research and Optimization

 Improve visitors’ engagement and your content search visibility with a proper Internal Links structure

 Improve your website SERP clickability by optimizing your structured data with relevant and descriptive copy

 Step Up the Mobile-First Search Index Game

 Help Tools to Improve & Measure Your SEO Performance

#SEO #Searchengine #Semanticseo #Googlesearch

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Incredible Tips And Tools For Business Blogging

#Tools #Businessblog #Blogging #bloggingtools

Never Forget Your Purpose
Always Plan Your Posts
Remember to Schedule and Strategy
Keep A Spare Post
Check Out The Competition
Share Your Enthusiasm!
Stay Away From Jargon
Always Keep Your Audience In Mind
Take Steps To Maximize Your Blog’s Potential
Don’t Be Afraid To Outsource

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