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KudoMetrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is providing a special Christmas offer for promoting your business. Build your first website with us and ignite your business today.

For more information, contact us @ +914282241348 or via email:

Also, visit our website:


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KudoMetrics Technologies Private Limited is wishing everyone a very happy Gandhi Jayanthi to celebrate the idol of humanity - "Mahatma Gandhiji", the father of our nation.

To celebrate this special occasion, we offer 20% flat discount on all SEO and Web Design projects for 3 days. For more details contact us: +91-9677450988

“Follow his path of truth
Spread Bapu’s great Ideas to inspire everyone”

Happy Gandhi Jayanthi!

#HappyGandhijayanthi #Gandhiji #SEO #Webdesign #KudoMetrics

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5 Effective Key Trends of Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

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Tips to Boost your Website’s SEO Ranking

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Top 6 Website Tips for Small Business

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How Does Rank Brain Work? And Why We Need To Jump On?

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The Only 6 Keyword Research Tools You Need to Use

1. Google AdWords
2. Google Analytics
3. Google Trends
4. Moz Keyword Explorer
5. SEMrush
6. WordStream

Read more on here:

#Keywords #Keywordresearch #Keywordtools #SEO

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7 Image Optimization Tips to Improve Your SEO

1. Use Original, Quality Photos Whenever Possible
2. Make Use of Photoshop’s “Save for Web” Feature
3. Use Captions and Alt Text
4. Add OpenGraph and Twitter Card Tags for the Image
5. Make Your Images Responsive
6. Use Descriptive, Keyword Rich File Names
7. Use Descriptive, Keyword Rich File Names

#SEO #Imageoptimization #Searchengine #Tips
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Google Adwords Industry Benchmark #ooogle #Adwords #Industry #Campaign

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7 SEO Tactics That Won’t Live to See 2018

1. Keyword stuffing
2. Spam comments
3. Poor UX
4. Unnatural links
5. Duplicate content
6. Intrusive interstitial ads
7. Exact match anchor text abuse

#Searchengine #SEOtactics #SEO #Google #Ranking #Marketing
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