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Powerful video. 

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There is not a single nation, not a single generation that should be immune to criticism. There must always be scribes who challenge the status quo. Not to make a shaky nation, but to ensure we are true to who we say we are. To say all men are created equal then to make some less equal is a challenge that must be met. If we say that all Americans have the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness so long as it does not hurt or kill another, then we need to be held to that standard. If we support freedom while slapping chains on another, we need to be called out. If we bully others, then cry when it is done onto us, someone needs to stand up and put that rabid dog down.
Even to the point of offending all, there must always be scribes to shut down hypocrisy, or at least expose it for what it is. For scribes are the conscience of civilization. To those who go against their conscience sins against themselves.

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SO YOU SELF PUBLISH? Make Sure to get an Awesome Cover!
Like it or not, folks judge a book by the cover. It is a worn out cliche. I love a good cover to match a good story. But if it is a bad story with a great cover I look at the book as a lie. The thing is, if you want to be taken serious as a self publishing ...

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