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Despite all the people I've spoken to today my distain for the male gender is only increasing. Only three boys in the world remain in my good books!
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Nah. It's more of a face to face conversation basis that has annoyed me today. That and lack of commitment from someone who has no idea how lucky they am I even speak to them these days!
Yet again... Autocorrect is making me look stupid. It's like when you type so and it automatically makes it do!
I typed 'u' the other day and it ended up saying 'underestimate'. :/
If you want to be a smart arse go do it elsewhere as you're picking I. The wrong girl.
Am I in the bad books? Because I know I deserve to be.
I see a thread has developed below regarding your thumb, dear lady...?
I'm sorry, you have lost me? See your thumb if you describe what happened to it?
So you're saying if I describe what happened to me it will magically heal?! I really have lost you as I'm human and can't heal like that.
No. I am not saying or implying that at all. I was merely interested in your thumb's demise.
It was damaged through continually hitting a girl as hard as I could. It hurt but I kept going.
She clearly raised your ire. At least it is remotely good news. Initially I had an image of your thumb going missing!
No. She did nothing wrong. I just get carried away and need an anger release sometimes.
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