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Dream project and dream job!

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Finally my final project is completed and available for all of you see, comment and share! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Hey guys! So back to the visiting a museum discussion.
Can you answer me this few questions and help me with my grad project?

For those who don't know, my project is an app that allows the user to interact with the artwork in a museum or art gallery and collect their favorites pieces and follow the artists.

1. Why do you visit Museums or Art Galleries?
What makes you choose a specific one?

2.How long do you usually stay inside a museums?
Why makes you decide to leave?

3.What would be cool to see/have during your visit?

4.What do you do after visiting an exhibition? Do you blog? Tell your friends about it? Share it on F/T?

5.Do you buy the exhibition catalog? Why? 
Do you ever read it again after the exhibition?

Thanks guys!!!

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VFS posted my branding I project on OOMPH.
Hope you enjoy it! I loved doing this project!

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Hello guys!
My Grad project Is going to be an interactive gallery for Vancouver. (It's part of the Branding II brief as some of you might know.)

I would like you to help me with some research please.

Two things you hate about visiting a museum/art gallery.
Two things you would like to be able to do/see/touch/etc in a museum/art gallery


If you want to be part of the discussion please go to  and feel free to add me as friend and comment!

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