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Thanks to those who came.  We may have not had quite the size we wanted, but we still had fun!  And congrats to Jeremy Swaney in winning, which due to the smaller group size was a copy of the 5e Starter Set and a new set of dice.

As mentioned, we will be starting up a new 5e campaign soon, so stay tuned for detailed.  We will be starting at level 3 with new characters, but we can help you adapt over an old character if you prefer.

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Update for the Dungeon Run:  I would prefer to have at least 16 players now, so be sure to invite anyone who you think might be interested and has $5.  Also, I believe the DM's are going to be dressing up (at least we are talking about it), so feel free to as well!  Halloween is the day before, so if you made a costume for that, feel free to where it there!

For the Dungeon Run characters, I am going to be including at least one of every race/sub-race combo, but that "only" takes me up to 22 options...need some input on what to use for the other two (humans have 9 sub-races, so no more humans!) Here are the options:

Common (and preferred):
Dwarf (Hill or Mountain)
Elf (Wood or High, already have 1 Drow and that is enough)
Halfling (Lightfoot or Stout)

Uncommon (less preferred):
Gnome (forest or rock)

Also, not going to be able to have all the class/sub-class combo's (39 total), so we'll try to include what we feel will be the most appealing.
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